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Thread: Glow wire?? Help...

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    Glow wire?? Help...

    Hey. i have some glow wire. but i cant find any place in dk here u can buy the power converter for a pc... is there an alterative(can it be done witout the oficial power converter and what do u have to do) or am i stuck with a piece og non glowing glow wire??

    Greets dwmc

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    Glow wire?? Help...

    I have never seen or used glow wire, so I'm sorry I can't help you there. Maybe someone will help and if not the use of LEDs is common around here. Good luck and Happy Modding to ya.

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    Glow wire?? Help...

    do you have any idea what the glow wire came from?? like did it come from a car light, or a pc one?? if its from a car i believe it is a straight forward 12volt, pc n yea there props is some type of will have to look it up mate

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    Glow wire?? Help...

    Hmm ithiunk it was bougth in a computer store some time back...

    well ill have to go ruff them up at the store....


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    Glow wire?? Help...

    do you mean stuff thats used like on this site?

    If it is then I think it runs on 12v, not 100% sure though.

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    Glow wire?? Help...

    Yep looks like the same stuff.
    i tried it on ordinary 12v dc from the psu... but that didnt woprk... that be y im asking...

    but yes thats the same kind...

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    Glow wire?? Help...

    EL wire? tDetail.php&DisplayProductID=8320&SID=

    Not sure if thats what you need but thats the place ive found it near me. they dont sell the inverters seperately though.

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    Glow wire?? Help...

    Well it the same ill retry my attempts...
    with the 12 v dc.... ill return when i know more... thanks for the help guys..

    greets dwmc

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