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Thread: 8 pin molex

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    8 pin molex

    anyone know a cheap place I can put out an order for an 8 pin molex connector? I ordered a new motherboard and new PSU but wasn't paying attention to the fact that the new Motherboard needed an 8 pin molex instead of the usual 4. So now i'm on my parents very very old computer >.<

    best case scenario is I can find some kinda adapter. worst case, I just find the molex plug and wire one up myself. either way it's very doable and while I prefer the first option, i'd rather not have to bother with any soldering right now.

    I checked radioshack and couldn't find anything so any help you guys can give me would be great. I've already come to terms with the fact that i'll have to order this which sucks, but whatever i guess.

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    8 pin molex s_id=3204

    But before you go that route you need to make sure that the 4-pin is going to be able to handle the load that the board will draw from the 8-pin. It would be best to use a PSU that has the native 8-pin connector.

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    8 pin molex

    I recommend getting the correct power supply, but here is what you are looking for: PA-P4-E8

    LOL posted the same time Tazz did, owell the info is all good...

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    8 pin molex

    well I just spent $80 on a new PSU so i'd rather avoid buying a new one a few days later. I'm running dual power supplies so i'm not to worried about it drawing more power then it can handle, i think i'm pretty safe on that.

    The only down side to this is that since radioshack doesn't carry it, i'm going to have to order it off the net and more then likly not be up and running until maybe wednesday >.< and all over something so stupid..

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    8 pin molex

    It's only a few days old umm why not return it and get the correct one faceless105

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    8 pin molex

    it sounds stupid but i just really like the one I have. its a pretty nice looking modular PSU. It can handle things fine as far as powering them but what made me choose this one over a $50 one was simply vanity. and now now it's come back at me. but it's actually not to big of a deal, I just ordered the adapter and I'll survive until probably Tuesday or Wednesday without my new fun computer.

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    8 pin molex

    well what i'm going to do is, I have a 6 pin cpu connector that feeds the 12v off 2 rails, so once I get this 8 pin connector, i'm just going to rewire it a bit

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