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Thread: Never agian..Friend..Doll.

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    Never agian..Friend..Doll.

    A while ago I was asked by a friend to do a failry simple mod for her Dell.
    She's very into "dolls" and I dont mean little kiddie dolls, I'm talking about a $600+ peice of plastic thats only like 6 inches tall. mart_id=hoo933

    Anyways I was asked to basically add a shelf to the Mobo side of the case and to paint the case, fairly simple, just gotta remove the panel drill a few holes, paint and install a shelf.

    Wanting to make sure that the case wouldnt tip I asked how many dolls she was gonna put and she said "only a few" so after installing the shelf I did a test with a 5lb weight and it was fine (the shelf wasnt real large)

    Anyways she's complaigning that the shelf sucks because the dolls keep falling off after the has them sit on the edge.....

    (Note she got the basic doll which needs the body and head which are seperate and then decorated them herself)

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    Never agian..Friend..Doll.

    That's the strangest mod I've ever heard of.

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    Never agian..Friend..Doll.

    you could always put little hooks in the shelf to tie the dolls off. not to sure without a decent picture and the insanity of this girl, lol

    i'm sure poster puddy is out of the question for this girl

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    Never agian..Friend..Doll.

    I'm making something like hooks for them tomorrow out of some old wire coat hangers so she'll stop whining.

    She's renting a small apartment and she's not allowed to do too much to it other than hang pictures. and she doesnt have many places to put them so this was the best thing for her.

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    Never agian..Friend..Doll.

    i could see this being a cool looking mod though, it's definatly origional. lol maybe something a little more compute rlike on the shelfes, such as ancient ram sticks, lol, but it could still be cool.

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    Never agian..Friend..Doll.

    Do they sell stands for the dolls, I know they do the larger porcelain dolls the wife has more than a few.

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    Never agian..Friend..Doll.

    Are the hooks going to actually hook onto the dolls to hold them in place? You could try putting small hooks or even screws that stood up from the shelf a little behind the dolls as anchor points, then tie a piece of clear fishing line to the anchors and loop it around the dolls to keep them from falling off the edge.

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    Never agian..Friend..Doll.

    Those are some VERY realistic dolls.

    But for the money... they BETTER be made in America!!!!!

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    Never agian..Friend..Doll.

    Those are some VERY realistic dolls.

    But for the money... they BETTER be made in America!!!!!
    dang Sha is cute

    on this pic I'd say it's a girl from nVidia's box (of a graphics card) lol


    for the problem.. heh.. can't advise much

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    Never agian..Friend..Doll.

    lol, the hooks are made out of an old wire hanger or two. basically all it is, is a peice of wire welded to another to form a "T" then the top is bent around the doll right under the arms or around the waist depending on how she wants to position them (for most of them its hidden under the clothes) oh and I also drilled holes halfway thru the shelf so the wire goes into the hole so it doesnt slip out

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