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Thread: find a case

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    find a case

    I need help finding a good case that will help keep my computer cool

    (a nice layout, made of aluminum if possible)

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    find a case

    have you thought about a lian-li case? ive never owned one but ive heard they are really good cases...

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    find a case

    Knowing how much you are willing to spend also helps. I wouldn't want to set you up with a $300.00 unit when you have only $100 to spend. That would be wasting your time and mine. So can we look at $350.00 cases for you? Happy Modding to ya.

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    find a case

    How much money are you spending on the case ?

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    find a case

    Yeah, I can think of a dozen cases..but they are all different price ranges. Whats your max price? Full tower, mid tower or micro ATX?

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    find a case

    Any big name brand with a reputation for cooling cases will suffice. There's a huge selection out there, so it can be daunting. I'd say the bare minimum would be a 120 mm exhaust fan and a 80 mm intake being included. You can always add fans to get what you need.

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    find a case

    The Antect Ninehundred is a great case. Amazing cooling but no removable motherboard. thats the only downside. it looks great to!
    theres a link

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