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Thread: My Company Of Heroes Mod

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    My Company Of Heroes Mod

    Well i'm starting another mod. I have been playing company of heroes for 75 hours straight now (not really) and this game kicks ass. So i thought i would mod me up a lilltle case.

    the before pictures:

    I have to thank catawalks for giving me the case.

    I will post the sketch up render as soon as im done with it.

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    My Company Of Heroes Mod

    What's up with that bottom front? It sure doesn't look like it came like that.

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    My Company Of Heroes Mod

    no it didn't i was playing around with an idea but its coming out anyways.

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    My Company Of Heroes Mod

    Are you going to keep that giant handle-circle thing?

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    My Company Of Heroes Mod

    good ol' aptivas heh i've an old one we bought new many moons ago, beige, just sitting in a corner now

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    My Company Of Heroes Mod

    I'm not too sure what i will do with that big goofy handle. i may turn it into some sort of fan whole, eh i donno.

    Here's some more pics for you guys, right now I'm working on getting the front the way i want it.

    I'll have more soon, i'm on my laptop and most my pics are on the desktop.

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    My Company Of Heroes Mod

    I will be watching this

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    My Company Of Heroes Mod

    Heh we have the same cases in my school, tho they are white..
    at least they were.. about 5 years ago XD

    This should be cool
    maybe I'll "borrow" a PC from the school to copy,
    lol joking :P

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    My Company Of Heroes Mod

    yeah i have a white one too. i couldn't use because it uses some proprietary btx looking motherboard and a Pentium 2 with 32Mb of ram, lets talk slow. I have a really sweet design for a custom made water block for the theme but we will see. I can't give away too many secrets right away.

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    My Company Of Heroes Mod

    My wife has been sick and I can't really get any work done on the case with her not feeling well, so i played with sletchup and created a waterblock for the case. let me know what you guys think.

    Note its not to scale i was just playing.
    I'm looking at finding a nice block of copper now. Anyone know where to get some at a reasonable price let me know.

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