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Thread: Cheap case upgrade

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    Cheap case upgrade

    I finally broke down and updated to a little better case, been wanting front usb and audio and was getting worried about my temps. I bought this case:

    Here are some pics and my thoughts

    It cost me 30.22 with shipping and i gotta say I am quite impressed with this little case.It dropped my cpu temp almost 10 degrees thanks to the side duct.

    Just wanted to share my experience with this cheap but quality product. All i need now are some led fans. wink wink nudge nudge :P

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    Cheap case upgrade

    Nice and clean

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    Cheap case upgrade

    Lol. How do front usb and audio ports affect temps?

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    Cheap case upgrade

    Lol forgot some punctuation there, My old case had no ventalation this has side cpu duct and exhaust fan.

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    Cheap case upgrade

    Now you just need to get some black colored drives.

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