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Thread: Hard Core CM Modding

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    Hard Core CM Modding

    Q: The RM module that comes with package is not compatible with my motherboard. What should I do?

    A: Cooler Master's RM module follows INTEL and AMD circuit structure. Some motherboard manufacturers don't follow the structure of the circuit, causing incompatibility with Cooler Master's RM Module. We suggest two solutions for this problem.

    First, you may use the RM module supplied by the motherboard manufacturer.

    Second, you may cut off the part that causes the incompatibility with the transistor on the motherboard.
    Damn that's hardcore if I've ever seen it! LOL.

    EDIT: Hotlinking images =

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    Hard Core CM Modding

    Not allot of options if you’re going to use it. You should be able to do a better job than they did lol

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    Hard Core CM Modding

    What kind of BS is that? Never in my born days heard of anything such as this. Totally BS. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Hard Core CM Modding

    What kind of BS is that? Never in my born days heard of anything such as this. Totally BS. Happy Modding to ya.
    Really? Is everything made compatible with everything else? Is it CoolerMasters fault that the motherboard manufacture didn't conform to the INTEL / AMD structure? Should CoolerMaster be the one to pay the price? Should they redesign their coolers?

    The answer to all the above is simple, NO. If blame is to be pointed at someone it should be pointed at the motherboard manufacture.

    They obviously state the first solution is to use the motherboard manufactures mounting plate. If that can't be done and your still dead set on using the cooler then you need to modify the plate that comes with it.

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    Hard Core CM Modding

    That's not the plate that comes with it Tazz, that's your motherboard connector if I'm not mistaken. That will be sure to void you warranty, something most aren't will to do once a motherboard gets past the 100 or 150 dollar mark.
    The only point I was getting across was the shameful job they did. It's just such a terrible cut that it could have been just broken off and looked better.
    Sorry about the hotlinking images thing, I don't know much about running a website or things of that nature.

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