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Thread: post your link...

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    post your link...

    hey mi
    i have been surfing a lot to get ideas 4 case modding adn man its hard to find good ones...

    But i just fond this one a thougt that i would share it!.

    Well this one is a start!

    Post your best links 4 artwork guides and so forth here...

    Would be nice to c where u get your ideas from.

    greets DWMC :idea:

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    post your link...

    Yeah, I've been known to use some tattoo places for designs. They have some pretty sweet things that they can do wih positive and negative space.

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    post your link...

    look at they have lots of stuff, some good some bad.

    Most of my designs are my own though

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    post your link...

    If you do use deviant art, dont be a dick, ask the artist. They do posses copyrights on all of the pictures/art there.

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    post your link...

    if you stop by check me out.

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    post your link...

    Most of my ideas just pop into my head when looking at a case. I guess you can say I let the case "talk to me" and I can see an image in my head of how the case will look. I take that then start the work and as I go along if see a new direction for an idea, then I go with it.

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    post your link...

    Well im fairly new to case modding.
    but i use images and themes for ideas...

    4 instance i have 2 old cases in the base ment at the moment waiting 4 the rogth idea...

    One is quite likely gonna have a dragon lance/raislin theme

    And the other one is gonna be a test case.. just 4 the fun of getting skills...

    Greets dwmc

    The thing that is gonna be my work log...

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