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Thread: Hard Drive Confusion

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    Hard Drive Confusion

    Heyo everyone,

    I just got my external hard drive case from the contest (thanks much again ) and I decided to pull an old sata hard drive out from my parts area. I hooked it up to the external and plugged everything in. My computer gave the recognition beep when the USB was connected but nothing showed up on 'My Computer.' So, I pulled the hard drive out of the external and put it in my one of my lan computers to check if there was a partition on it that might interfere, there was no partition. So, I'm wondering what could be the problem here. I don't think it's broken because it worked awhile ago just fine.

    So, does anyone know what the problem could be? Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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    Hard Drive Confusion

    The drive formated? I have that exact enclosure hooked up with an IDE drive with absolutely no problems.

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    Hard Drive Confusion

    There we go ;P. I had completely forgotten about formatting it ^^;. Had figured it was plug and play. My bad. All set now though.

    Thanks a lot

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    Hard Drive Confusion

    Hehe yeah I just had to recently do the same and make it a primary/active drive. Good you got it fixed though, took me a bit to figure it out too lol!

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