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Thread: Mirrored Plexi

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    Mirrored Plexi

    So I've seen some nice things done with mirrored plexi, including backlighting.
    Well I found a plexi mirror and was planning to use it in a window mod but no lighting shines thru, even when i stick a bright green cold cathode behind it...

    So I was wondering if there is a special type of mirrored plexi I have to use that will let me do backlighting?

    If so oh well, I'll use what I got and stick it at the bottom of my case and also make a nice HD cage.

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    Mirrored Plexi

    try putting the lighting on the edge of the plexi instead of directly behind it. Don't know if it'll work or not but worth a try

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    Mirrored Plexi

    Well from the sounds of it you have an actual mirror. Even though its made of plexi it will still conform to the Mirror duties thus having a solid backing on it. The mirrors are not meant to allow light through.

    What you want is see-through mirror panels other wise known as 2-way mirror. This is what you see being used in mods.

    Its a bit pricey compared to normal plexi as well.
    Link for 2-Way mirror plexi

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    Mirrored Plexi

    wow that is exspensive, oh well, hmm I actually might try lighting it thru the sides to see what it looks like.

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    Mirrored Plexi

    You can also sandblast/etch the mirror backing off of your one way and it will show frosted patterns instead of the mirror (where you choose to etch it) and the light will show through there.

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