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Thread: Modding for a job.

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    Modding for a job.

    Anyone interested? The company I work for is looking for mainly laptop technicians. Laptop hardware experience is not necessary but general computer knowledge helps. I can train you.

    The job is offered in Dearborn, MI. Pay is competitive. Please PM me if you are interested.

    Obviously is our website. Michigan modders?

    Sorry if this post breaks a unknown no-no but I figure it adds to the community.

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    Modding for a job.

    A little to far to drive for me lol Sounds like a cool job though.

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    Modding for a job.

    No rules broken...

    Would I get paid travel time to and from work from Arizona? LOL

    Might have a laptop to be branded, just not sure on the design yet and if I can pry it out of my daughters hands long

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    Modding for a job.

    Some times depending on the laptop it can be affordable to call the manufacture and get a spare lid sent to us. We do up the spare lid and send it back to you for the dirty work. I have seen lids go from $20 bucks to $140 bucks.

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    Modding for a job.

    Wow, I would jump at this opputunity If i still lived in Toledo

    Unfortunatly The military doesn't let you "work from home" lol.

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    Modding for a job.

    it would *totally* kick much ass to work there and see the process.... I've already got a design that is in my head that your process will work PERFECTLY for! I just moved in to my 1st house, and I have crap ALL over the garage. Going to be a few more days before I am back up and modding.... but this garage has a TON of promise... and also a TON of boxes in it right now!

    I love the results of the dye process you guys use, and if I was near by, I'd be interested in lending a hand!

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