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    case structure

    ok, so i want to make a case for some old hardware i have lying around, and i was thnking along th lines of a cuboid, 220x260x13mm big, made from plexi. the one think im worried about is the plexi not bieng able to hold it all up, as i will have the PSU and the HDD hanging from the top. even though they are both light (the PsU's only small), i would like to have a frame inside, which i can then screw the plexi onto the outside. i cant really spend much money, so i was wondering what i could make it out of. i was wondering if i could use aluminium angle, but it seems hard to find a small quantity supplier for it here in the UK. does anyone have any better options? i think ill go down to my local B&Q to see if they have any aluminium angle, and at what price, as i swear i saw it there last time i went, but it isnt on their website. any suggestions for what i could do will be greatly appreciated

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    case structure

    Depending on the thickness of the plexiglass it should hold (ask the people at you hardware store on how much weight it can old)
    My pet python can hit his cage which is made of thin plexiglass and it will just barely bends and trust me he hits it hard, now if only the rats didnt always stay next to the plexiglass

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    case structure

    the plexiglass is 4mm thick. im gonna go out now to B&Q and see what they have in. i may use the plexi, and just buy some screws and corner blocks for it, or i may decide to buy the aluminium if its cheap enough. anyways, illgo and see what they have, and then decide what im going to do

    EDIT: ok, so i went out, and found that the aluminium i wanted costs just under £3 a meter. sweet! so i bought three meters, some screws to hold the plexi on, and some quick dry epoxy to hold the aluminium together. hopefully i will post a worklog first, just gotta go iut and do som more metal cutting

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    case structure

    Nice, lol

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