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Thread: firefox embedded video problem!

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    firefox embedded video problem!

    I had some spyware bothering me so I installed SpywareBlaster (blocks spyware from running/installing) and Spybot (removes and blocks spyware). This solved my problem, but another arose. Now, if I open any page in firefox that has embedded video that uses Windows Media Player to play, I get the "firefox.exe has encountered a problem" etc, with the send or don't send report option. In Internet Explorer, the videos play fine. I tried uninstalling the two programs, still get the error msg, forcing to shut down firefox. Here's a SCREENSHOT to clarify what msg i mean. Anyone know how to fix this?

    EDIT: haha finally fixed it just now after a couple hours lol. Here's what I did: copy all the DLL's and wmplayer.exe from the Windows Media Player folder to the Firefox Plugins folder. Solved my problem. Except now, the when the videos load they're stopped and I have to manually click play to start them, whereas before they would start automatically. So I guess the new question would be, how would I have the videos play automatically after loading? Haha still can't believe I found the solution a few minutes after asking here lol.

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    firefox embedded video problem!

    I actually had the same issue, but I just redownloaded FF and it fixed my error completely

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