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Thread: need advice on case cooling

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    need advice on case cooling

    That's right. Water cooled units run about ambient temps, which is alot better than a general fan will do, in most cases about 10-20 c's cooler than just a regular fan on your cpu.

    Many people like the big honkin fans ontop their cpus and heat wanting to spread out and make everything else hot, goes to the big fins, which are cool.

    And Tests and reviews have shown that a very big fan, like a sycth can cool just as good, or better than water. However their is a trade off when it comes to sound. A water colled system is going to be very quite.

    But em3bilko has raised an intresting point! Water, by it's nature is very good at cooling things. However you can't really cool it much colder than its abient room temp in your room, without some help. This is where the large fin radiators come into play.

    First, we can increase this effect by speeding up fluid in the system! That's why many of todays cooling liquids are made of ethonal or some other chemical, which increased the speed in which the hot is transfered away from the source, to a cooler source.

    Then the radiators in these systems is what makes it all work, basically, it acts like the big coolers, passing air over fins that are very cool with air passing over them for evaporation, the hot water is passed over the fins cooled by the often nifty multi colored fans, thus cooling them down, and then going back thru the system.

    When you then add a further component of other fans on other parts of your system, like northbridge/ram/etc, the measured effect of cooling goes up, but not by much. Remember that hot can only be transfered to colder objects (Ie colder air, colder metal) so passing more air thru a system may not always be the best idea! Your going to want to have your other componets with heat sinks (Metal fins) that will want to get that hot out from your system.

    This is also why you want to place your system in a low place, and have your exshaust be in a high place (Like on top of the case, or in the top back of a case) (Hot air rises!)

    Together with a liquid/fan hybred and some good thermal paste you can get a very big savings of coolness!

    Ive hope that has helped!

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    need advice on case cooling

    ahh this case is really kool can we kinda make a similar modification in our cases....? yes i know its

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    need advice on case cooling

    Like its been said a mix of both is best.

    However the mini fridge idea sounds pretty cool. If you do chose that idea be carefull, take it apart, measure everything and only cut it while its apart. Or if you could just figure out how it cools everything you could just get the cooling element, some copper tubing and make what basically is a fridge inside you'r case.

    I'm gonna dive into the idea of making a fridge into a case and let you know if its possible.

    Edit: from some quick browsing it seems it can be done, If you have a decent knowledge on how electronics work. heres some info i got.

    "Electric coolers typically can drop the temperature by about 40 °F or 22 °C, and can raise it by at least that much.

    You can create the Peltier effect with a battery, two pieces of copper wire and a piece of bismuth or iron wire. Just connect the copper wires to the two poles of the battery, and then connect the bismuth or iron wire between the two pieces of copper wire. The bismuth/iron and copper must touch -- it is this junction that causes the Peltier effect"
    If you ask me its quite simple and seems fairly cheap to make, I'll see if i can dig up some plan's or guides if not I'll try to build one myself using some random hand me down computer.

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    need advice on case cooling

    The Fridge idea is not a good idea as it stands. When the fridge is cooled, the entire thing is cooled, not just the right or the left. Putting a piece of plexi between the two halfs might physically block one half from the other, but its not going to stop one side or the other from being cooled off. The fridge will get low enough temperatures that it will create moister on your hardware and then poof.....

    Using a fridge as a case (without using the fridges cooling) is do able and has been done a couple of times.

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    need advice on case cooling

    I think this is something that should atleast be tested.

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    need advice on case cooling

    Well godslayer I hope with all of the info that has flowed from the many members that you will be able to get a PC up and running cool as a cucumber. Thanks for joining our growing masses for we will treat you fair and square and as a member of the family. So put your thinking cap on and grab the Dremel, Happy Modding to ya.

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    need advice on case cooling

    yes i know tazz is extremely right making a fridge seems ummm kinda.............CRAZY!!! it would be waste of time and money and nothing else....... i might go for electronic cooling as u said gimme more plans on that im v. much interested

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    need advice on case cooling

    I havent found any plans, but tomorrow when I get my fans (from the contest) i'll try to make my own (I need to strip an stock fan to get the wires I need so i can hook it up to the mobo or a molex) and use it on an old compaq I have and see if it works, If it does i'll test it out to see if it can harm the pc, there shouldnt be any issues as all its doing is cooling the air thats being moved into the case.

    I should have some plans drawn up by friday if it works properly without damaging the pc itself

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    need advice on case cooling

    Here is a very good way of cooling your processor. I think this will keep it cool and have cool looks to boot. It does have a steep price tag but I think it would be the ticket to keep that processor of yours cool as a cucumber.
    It's a review of the cpu cooler that will do the trick for ya. Happy Modding to ya.

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    need advice on case cooling

    Alright i found someone that has built his own electric cooler and says it costs alot more than it does to buy something like what em3bilko linked to.

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