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Thread: Mods by Sheldog23

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    Mods by Sheldog23

    Taking my Que from TGS and Tech-Daddy. Here are my mods.
    I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed making them. Good times.
    Thanks for looking at my work.

    My Martini HTPC


    Must Kill Teddy Bears.

    Sapphire Cube

    Latest Mod "In Progress" : Project 13

    If you would like to see more pics and the worklogs just visit my site.

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    Super Moderator tech-daddy's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    Plano, Texas

    Mods by Sheldog23

    Outstanding work Shel!

    The great thing about all of your cases is that each is so distinctly different, but you could almost put them in a time line and see which one case first, and how it influenced the 2nd, then that one on the 3rd, and that one on the 4th...

    It is really cool (granted I'm cheating a bit since I have been following your work for quite awhile) to see a thread that puts all of your excellent work up, very smooth and beautiful work there bro.

    Love how 13 has progressed into the beaut that it is!

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    The Main Man Dewayne's Avatar
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    Mods by Sheldog23

    I never get tired of looking at your outstanding work.

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    Mods by Sheldog23

    Sheldog23 what can I say that is just stellar.....

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    Mods by Sheldog23

    Like always Shel, Awesome Job 8-)

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    Mods by Sheldog23

    Wow....I didn't know the martini mod or the UT mod was by you, grats, great job . Those really are beatiful!


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    Mods by Sheldog23

    Sheldog I love all your work but if I had to get choosy I really like project 13 and Must Kill Teddy Bears. Thats not to say I don't like the others I just have those to favorites. Funny thing is the first time I saw Unreal I htought it was alot bigger than it is. I had something in my mind that was as tall as a man. I don't have the slightest clue why.

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    Mods by Sheldog23

    Sheldog23 u > God... i can only hope you wouldnt mind taking an apprentance. *hopes *

    i love all the cubes man and also the martini *i need a drink... thx for the reminder* Best of luck in the future :twisted:

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    Mods by Sheldog23

    Sheldog23 u > God...
    ahhhh!!! the three plagues!!!! boils!!!!! frogs!!!! locusts!!!!!

    dont forget to post the new sapphire toxic demo PC...

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    Mods by Sheldog23

    Sheldog is art! I don't need to say anything more

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