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Thread: you gotta agree that modders-inc is the best place to learn

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    you gotta agree that modders-inc is the best place to learn

    Yes as you know i am a noobie i joined modders-inc some time back and i wanted to say that i love it..... ahh its no flattering im saying the truth u want the proof...? ok...

    i posted a similar topic like this in the best case scenario hoping for positive feedback and heres what i get

    this one seems quite friendly here
    "hehe I like your drawing
    some things i noramlly think of in a case is mobility.. i find the smaller details are the most rewarding..
    I all ways have wheels or case handles on the top to move the case around.. its not needed as much when you have a ligther case tho but nice to show off your case has wheels and the handles juat make you life easier

    also thnk of your air flow.. on your diagrams i can see or what apear to be holes for fans..
    best way to start is to think of whats going in the case and what will needed to be cooled. dont seem to be a fan on the front for the drives and ram.. but normally this can be conved from the side fan blowing out.

    for other ideas just look around on the forum or anyother place hunting down work logs, making notes and book marks on the things you like.. then when you have them all sort them out and think what would and wouldnt work on the case or theme if there is one

    also do you all ready have the case? any chance of pics?

    plus what are you trying to achive out of the project?


    what i got from another one is that

    I have no idea what the **** you just said.
    1)mods are really helpful they reply even if the question is a wacky one.
    2)The response time is very low making it the fastest processor in the market (lol).
    3)All the people in this community are way too friendly than people on other forums( they seem to come and bite me....) embilko, american freak, dex and razer(ahh im really sorry that i made you lost ur mind) are my pals.
    4)You people just started making me think the way by which i can mod my pc.....

    I thank you all for what you did i will never forget itt and may my gonig-to-be modded cpu remind me of you.......

    thanks to all who helped me directly and indirectly

    ~~~~~love ya....

    im waiting for your suggesstions too.... ops:

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    you gotta agree that modders-inc is the best place to learn

    Thanks godslayer for the kind words but I'm just doing what comes natural to me and helping give ideas is what also helps me keep the mind moving and not going dead on me. So if you have any questions feel free to ask, that's what we are here for. Happy Modding to ya.
    *edit* If you have pics of your pc, please show it to us, it helps in thinking of ways to mod it. Happy Modding to ya.

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    you gotta agree that modders-inc is the best place to learn

    Thanks! We are trying to give you the best we can and are always looking to improved what we have. There are more guides planned (with real life time permitting) and with everyones help it can only get better!

    Thats why we have give aways. It is really the only way we can say Thank You for everyones contribution to Modders-Inc.

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