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Thread: new motherboard

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    new motherboard

    well i had ordered all my new computer components and I was pretty excited. I put them together hit the power and nothing came on. long story short i returned the motherboard and cpu since i cant test them individually, and newegg tells me, well we're out of stock on this motherboard so we'll just refund you. it's a very generous effort but now i'm without a motherboard, so here is the one i'm looking at as a replacement. it's $50 more then the one i picked out prior, but i'm reall happy with all of it's kewl features, i've also gone without this upgrade happening for so long i need something to make it feel worth the wait, lol.

    ASUS P5W DH DELUXE/WIFI-AP LGA 775 Intel 975X ATX Intel Motherboard

    I'm ordering it right now, let me know what you think. Also I've already checked and it's compatible with all my hardware. lol it was one thing to get all you rhardware to match your motherboard, but to get a motherboard that matches all your hardware? thats just annoying...

    but this board does seem to have everything i wanted and could ever use for a long time.

    so gimme some comments!!!

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    new motherboard

    So do you have 2 ATI graphic cards yet? Happy Modding to ya.

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    new motherboard

    i know this one doesn't support sli, which maybe could be a new driver away but thats not a big problem for me. But where does it say crossfire? I didn't find that anywhere in the specs.

    I have a nvdia card so this has got me a little worried now, lol

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    new motherboard

    haha I actually see it now, lol, the only place I found crossfire mentioned was on the picture of the box. Well if I dont plan to run in sli mode and use my graphics card as a standard graphics card it should be fine shouldn't it?

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    new motherboard

    SLI and Crossfire are different. No you don't have to run dual cards. Not sure on this board, it could automatically enable/disable crossfire, there could be options in the bios to enable/disable, or it could even be done via jumpers on the board. My EVGA SLI board is done via jumpers.

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    new motherboard

    I have the PB5 and really like it. Tazz just ordered an ASUS too. I think they are one the very best MB's.

    You should see in the bios an option to turn on / off / auto the CF as that is where mine is located.

    No I am not %100 sure on this, but I thought all Intel chipset MB's are CF while you can only get SLi with NV chipset boards.

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    new motherboard

    There you go. I knew it won't take long for the answer to your question. Your set to rampage on the internet. Happy Modding to ya.

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    new motherboard

    Im waiting for some reviews of the lastest 680i from XFX the latest nForce 680i motherboard, before I run out and get my new mobo for my new computer. Since im kinda of a noob when it comes to this, I liked the fact that the 680i's seem to have the best of both worlds, and have decent OC's as well, from what I can tell. Does any one have a 680i and can tell me how it works in sli + a physics card? I plan on getting one of them too, for my fav game, city of heros.

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