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Thread: In The Meantime...

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    In The Meantime...

    I got bored while waiting for the last of the parts to fit into the Bulletproof Case chassis, so I decided to start work on the case that will eventually house a little media type rig for Manland (aka the garage/shop). The plan is to keep it pretty simple. Most of the mods will be very basic stuff. I am not even sure if I will be painting any of it.

    We start with an AeroCool Aeroengine Jr case:

    I've always liked this case. I like it's character.

    I did some light cutting to try to improve airflow and WM back when this thing was in service, but not a whole lot. The hula girl used to sway in the wind of the 12cm fan underneath a disco ball. No kidding. I'll have to see if I can find a picture.

    This case has always been cramped on room, and it is very challenging getting the WM to look good. But like I said, I like it's character.

    First step is to pull the front off of the case.

    It's pretty dirty. This thing sat on the floor for a little more than a year.

    While I've always liked the turbine, the thing absolutely slays airflow and almost stops spinning with a little dust. Besides, I need the spot for something else...

    Now my original plan was to put a 5" plasma ball in the ring that housed the turbine. After much thinking about it, I decided to ditch that idea for something a little different, and ultimately a little more simple.

    It is 6" in diameter, and will fit damn near perfectly into the spot left by the turbine. I got it at Spencer's Gifts in the mall. I can't believe I went there on a Friday night on purpose.

    The back of it needed a little adjustment.

    The little tabs that allow for the disc to hang on the wall kept it from laying flat against the bezel. It was easier to cut them off than cut the bezel.

    I think it looks pretty damn cool.

    Anyways, there is a little more work to do on this. I need to cut a plate to go behind the light.

    More to come.

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    In The Meantime...

    wow looks amazing. Great idea!

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    In The Meantime...

    I too went to Spencers for the same thing but mine is smaller and is voice activated if I set it up that way. Mine is about 3" in diameter. So this mod of yours is going to be a theme of Lighting? It would look cool with that being the center piece. Happy Modding to ya.

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    In The Meantime...

    good stuff! i think it looks better then a plasma ball would have.

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    In The Meantime...

    hey, reminds me of Metallica's Ride The Lightning album...could be a good mod theme for if i have time later

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    In The Meantime...

    wow that looks good

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    In The Meantime...

    Holy crap thats awesome.

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    In The Meantime...

    No real theme. Just want something fun for the shop. Maybe a "mad scientist" kind of machine like you might see in a cheesy old sci-fi flick, but nothing elaborate. Like I said, most of the other mods will be very basic stuff.

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    In The Meantime...

    I had the same case lol
    only thing I hated was that it was so long..

    and that front door opened in the wrong direction lol

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    In The Meantime...

    Cut the ring to back the light. Used the circle cutter again for the outside, and the drem for the inside. The material is a thin sheet metal.

    All that's left to do is figure out what color to paint it.

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