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Thread: 9/11

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    Anyone check these out yet:

    Loose Change

    Fake CNN Video

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    i seen those a while ago i think loose change is true

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    Loose Change is a compelling video that pulls from many "pre historical" facts that help to build a hypothetical picture of the day we know of as 9/11.

    I agree that there are way to many questions that have gone unanswered, as well as there are way too many thing that just don't add up. I fear, from the nature of the facts of Loose Change.. that video paints pretty accurate picture.

    Greed has always been a motivating factor in politics, and when this happened, I wondered if this was another "Pearl Harbor" scenario.

    I love my troops, I support my troops. And I agreed initially with our reasons for going into Afghanistan, but then Iraq (and the non WMD's) and now eyeballing other middle eastern interests...

    I cringe to think that this is a manipulation of the system (as geeky as this sounds) similar to how the emperor did it in Star Wars. Create a catastrophe so that you are granted executive powers. Use them to the full extent to achieve personal interests....

    war is a stimulus for a failing economy. It pumps money in to the economy both directly through purchase of manufactured goods, as well as the spending of the wages for all of the persons hired to provide the labor.

    The historical turns of economic cycles happen in the span of 6-10 years (IIRC), and when Bush came into the office, he inherited an economy that was stumbling and getting ready to fall into a recession. So... how does a president stop a recession "during his term" and spin the economic down turn around in the shortest ammount of time? In my eyes... you create something that pushes a massive ammount of government money back into the system.

    This "war" fits the bill in my eyes quite nicely.

    That is not to say that this war was to turn around our economy. No virtuistic spin of that nature will be implied, intead I pose that lots of people are getting rich on the war, and as a secondary effect it spun us out of a recession in a matter of 2 years, when past ones would likely have taken 6-8 (which would have put it beyond the scope of a 4 year presidential term).

    The whole thing stinks to high heaven.

    If either of the two are true, Loose Change has my vote.
    And if it is.... it is despicable.

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    I dont know what got you in the mod to bring up 9/11 conspiracies, but here's my opinion. Our gevernment especially George "Monkey boy" Bush is corrupt enough to stage something, that i believe. The other thing is its old news man i think we need to be thinking about getting our soldiers home from Iraq. We are fighting a losing battle over there, and America has spoken but our president is too bullheaded and full of himself to listen. Pretty much all politicians are lying bastards but Bush takes the cake.

    These are my opinions they do not reflect those of the staff or any members of modders inc besides myself

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    Someone sent it to me and When I had some time I watched it, & figured I would pass it along.

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