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Thread: Cutting Water Cooling Holes In a Case

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    Cutting Water Cooling Holes In a Case

    Im thinking of putting external water cooling in my Antec Ninehundred case. How hard is it to put the 2 circle holes in the case? Also a rubber lining to protect the tubes? where could i get those?

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    Cutting Water Cooling Holes In a Case

    Depending on the kit you purchase it might come with a PCI slot cover that has holes and grommets for two water lines.

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    Cutting Water Cooling Holes In a Case

    Depending on the size of the hose it can be done with just a drill and a bit. The location will also play a small part of it too. What kind of tools do you have access to and have you used power tools before (got to ask for safety reasons).

    If you can use a drill then then I would suggest grabbing a "Multi-bit" or also known as "Stepping Bit"

    With this one bit you can drill many different size holes and can be used in a common 3/8 inch chuck drill.

    The rubber groments can be bought at any good hardware store.

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    Cutting Water Cooling Holes In a Case

    AF hit it right on the head (as usual). The grommets can be found (like he said) at places like home depot, lowes, and any hardware store with a sizable inventory.

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    Cutting Water Cooling Holes In a Case

    thanks this helps alot

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