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Thread: Vote for me please

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    Vote for me please

    I entered a Coolermaster forum contest and would appreciate all the votes I can get. My entry is number 5.

    Vote For Me

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    Vote for me please

    Voted for #3!!

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    Vote for me please


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    Vote for me please

    Mabe a little background info on what the cartoons are for would help..

    3 is not original a comedian used it on one of the sirus stations the other day, so it can't be to new.

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    Vote for me please

    You had to make a simple comic strip consisting of 1 or more panes. Winner gets a Coolermaster 850w PSU

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    Vote for me please

    Looks like your in the lead, way to go man

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    Vote for me please

    I think the voting has ended now and I'm tied with with #3 at 15 votes each. 8O

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    Vote for me please

    Good luck!

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    Vote for me please

    Shocks, I would have voted for you if I saw this earlier

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