alright everyone, i know a lot of people having been asking for ideas and suggestions for new mods so bare with me. i have a theme in place and have started a model in sketchup. I'm not to savvy with sketchup yet but it is a good model. what i want to do is share this model with everyone and have people add there ideas directly to the model and send it to me.
here is some background to the idea. the 13 means a bit to me. I'm a bit of a rockabilly/psycho-billy rocker so of course the number 13 is my lucky number. plus my youngest sons birthday happens to be the 13th of July. the red and black color them just kind of fits that to me, there will be yellow highlights and accents as well.
so if you want in on this collaboration then download the model and pm me when you've got your input saved and ready to send or upload. pre-thnx to everyone who participates and i hope this can start a new trend on the M-I forums and how we help one another.

download model here-

here are a couple of pics of the case as it is now.