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    Site Navigation

    Hey guys, I was just thinking about the layout of your nav bars and I really think that your blue set should be right above the grey/white set and just have the MI logo at the top of the page. It just sorta seems out of place with the buttons at the top. Maybe its just me. Your thoughts on this?

    edit: I remember watching this show about film making and they said people always focus on 2/3 up the screen or in this case where the white buttons are.

    PS: nothing negative intended, just a suggestion

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    Site Navigation

    I ever get caught up I have been thinking about doing a single row with sub menus. Just not had time to play with the idea yet. Having the dual row of buttons on top of each other doesn't really appeal to me though. Then again a lot of stuff doesn't, I go against most of my own thoughts 90% of the time when it comes to the site.

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    Site Navigation

    I'm fine either way, I've kind of gotten used to the blue set being at the top though I do see it being easier if they were together.

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    Site Navigation

    If you do play around with it I hope you keep the blue menu even if its under the MI logo. I really like the color. Perhaps a submenu of sorts would be good maybe with a mouseover or something if you decide to change.

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    Site Navigation

    A little partial to keeping it the same myself, just need new forum avatars..

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