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Thread: LCD mounting and other general things

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    LCD mounting and other general things's the deal...a while back a friend and myself modded the top and side of my case with windows (top plexi and side two-way mirror) i'm trying to do something a little more tricky... I bought a decent 14" laptop lcd and a controller card for it so it can be hooked to a regular vga output. Aside from the controller card needing a vga connection to work it also needs power...but it came with an external power adapter. This power adapter says that the input is 100-120v~0.8A and the output is 12V ~2a. When i mount this i would rather not have any wires poking out the side of my case for the lcd. Also...with this mount i am very limited on space since i am doing this on the motherboard side of the case.

    That is a picture of the components. I have already done a rough cut on the side of the case where it is going to go.

    1. Since the output on the power adapter is 12V does that mean i can cut the wire to it and add a molex conneter to get the power to it?

    2. Should i try to recess the lcd in the case or have it stick out since there isn't much room? But if i have it stick out how would i be able to make it look nice? and if i had it recessed, how much modding is ok to do on the motherboard backplate? I would have to cut some pieces off of it to get the lcd to fit

    3. There are some pcb's that are with this lcd...I am thinking of mounting them on the side of the harddrive bays...but how should i go about doing this? some sort of standoff but any idea of what to make them out of?

    4. What do you think the best way to have the lcd mounted would be? I mean manufacture brackets or clamps or something? or countersink it into a plexiglass window?

    I think i might be getting in a little over my head. And if I get this done ever...does anyone know how to make it a useful extension of my desktop? i mean i would rather not have it a regular extension i can drag stuff to but more a dedicated screen for system stats...any clues to where i could find software for that?

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    LCD mounting and other general things

    I don't know anything to help with your situation but I would like to know where to get the vga card because I too have a laptop monitor and would like to do the same thing that you are asking. So if you can point me to the right direction of where to get the card it would be greatly appreciated. :idea:

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    LCD mounting and other general things

    I got my lcd with them a year or two ago when they were first starting...i got the whole 14" screen and card kit for $225! I've just been way too busy and lazy to get this thing done.

    They have a section just for the cards so good luck.

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    LCD mounting and other general things

    Thanks Cat, I was given a Toshiba T4900CT laptop that my sister has used for something like 15 yrs. It has a 10 1/2" screen, 32mgs of memory, no CD drive just a floppy, no USB ports, it did come with a 56K dialup insert and I bought a 22Mbps IEEE 802.11b wireless card insert but never have been able to get it to work. It says that it has a Pentium inside and I think it's around a 50mhz. So I'm thinking about using this for my next mod after I finish Cash Box. Good luck on your project and keep us posted. :idea:

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    LCD mounting and other general things

    Yes you can use the 12VDC from the PSU, but the 2 Amp means that the power pack can hanlde that much. I would have the screen the only thing on that power connection.

    Recessed would look great, but even a plexi piece that is cut out that would allow the screen to come thru would good.

    Mounting..hmmm...Off the top of my already has two metal strips along the edges. I would drill some holes, one at each corner, use some spacers between the strips and the case panel. Drill some matching holes into the panel and mount it. The spacers will give you the adjustment needed to get the correct flush fit. Uses long #8 pan head machine screws, nuts, and washers. The screw heads would be small enough to hide with paint or something else.

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