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Thread: My new toy...

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    My new toy...

    Well to start off, it has been a while since I have been on, so. Hi All!

    Ok, well my 19" CRT started to go out after my wife blew a breaker in the house, which it was no biggy I was planning on getting a new monitor one day. So I talked to the wife, and when I told her I wanted a 22" Widescreen monitor she said it was not going to happen, but when I told how WoW (World of Warcraft) would look on 22 inches of joy, she was all go for it!

    So I ordered a MegaVision 22" Widescreen.

    And I must say, it is beautiful. Although the built in speakers suck, but I am not using them.

    I sent a total of $310.00 for this and it is worth every penny!

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    My new toy...

    Dang and I thought my 19" widescreen was big :P

    by the way.. Integrated 3-Watt Speakers
    riight.. what can you do with the 3 watt speakers? O_o Personally I see it useable only for presentation in companies or stuff?

    Can you post a picture how WoW looks like on that LCD? Because of colors and all

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    My new toy...

    Way too go and I see you've learned the right way to get what you

    I too have upgraded to a 22" Viewsonic LCD for just over $250 :-)

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    My new toy...

    Mmm. Same here. 21.1" 1000:1 contrast 300 lumen goodness. Enjoy!

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