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Thread: Torpark for Anonymous

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    Torpark for Anonymous

    When a user logs onto the Internet, a unique IP address is assigned to manage the computer’s identity. Each website the user visits can see and log the user's IP address. Hostile governments and data thieves can easily monitor this interaction to correlate activity and pinpoint a user's identity.

    Torpark causes the IP address seen by the website to change every few minutes to frustrate eavesdropping and mask the requesting source. For example, a user could be surfing the Internet from a home computer in Ghana, and it might appear to websites that the user was coming from a university computer in Germany or any other country with servers in the TOR network.

    It is important to note that the data passing from the user's computer into the TOR network is encrypted. Therefore, the user’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) cannot see the information that is passing through the Torpark browser, such as the websites visited, or posts the user might have made to a forum. The ISP can only see an encrypted connection to the TOR network.

    However, users must understand that there are limitations to the anonymity. Torpark anonymizes the user’s connection but not the data. Data traveling between the client and the TOR network is encrypted, but the data between the TOR network and websites is unencrypted. Therefore, the user should not use his/her username or password on websites that do not offer a secure login and session (noted by a golden padlock at the bottom of the Torpark browser screen).

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    Seams a little slow from what I have seen of it, but thats to be expected....

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    Torpark for Anonymous

    Isnt this just the same as using Tor?

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    Torpark for Anonymous

    I think it works with Tor from the specs.

    * 0 ~ 40 Kbps
    * Anonymized Surfing
    * NEW Update Notifier
    * Tor Network Access
    * Open Source
    * Preconfigured
    * USB Portable
    * Totally Free

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    Torpark for Anonymous

    Gotcha. Still a good find for those wanting to be somewhat anonymous...

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    Torpark for Anonymous

    Good for James Bond (the secret agent) hehe :P

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