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Thread: I am looking for a Motherboard (color theme)

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    I am looking for a Motherboard (color theme)

    I am looking for a SAPPHIRE PURE Innovation PI-A9RX480 MoBo or something close to the color Theme.
    The board has to be Red, white or both


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    I am looking for a Motherboard (color theme)

    I've never seen that mobo,If ya want red go msi white I have never seen,Would be very sweet to find one tho :twisted:

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    I am looking for a Motherboard (color theme)

    They don't sell that mobo anymore in the USA. They swithed over to the PC-A9RD580 crossfire.

    They used to have it on newegg but I can't find it now. A quick google search only showed this one.


    They do have a refurbished 480 on newegg though.

    If you want a red mobo check out MSI. They usually have red mobos. If not Ebay should have some. I personally have that mobo and I think its great. A lot of people have poo'd on the xpress200 chipset but I have had no problems with it. The new 3200 chipset has gotten great reviews from everyone though.

    found some more

    Zip Zoom Fly - ouch

    Give it a few weeks for the mobo's to get in stock and the price to go down. That ZZF one can't be right. I saw it just a few days ago on new egg for a hundred something.

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    I am looking for a Motherboard (color theme)

    pc chips is almost all red but if you are going to be using the comp for serious ocing and whatnot look else where cause they suck some major arse. i should know cause i own one and it was only 19 usd new from newegg !!!

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    I am looking for a Motherboard (color theme)

    That Sapphire Pure CrossFire PC-A9RD580 MoBo is Bad Ass :wink:

    Thanks Sheldog23

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    I am looking for a Motherboard (color theme)

    I've loved that mobo since it was first released at e3 2005. One guy on cmg got one before it was released and was asked to do a case around it. I'm sure a good google find could turn it up. it was called Project: ICE.

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