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    Here's a worklog compilation to get everyone up to date:

    (copied/pasted from other forums; sorry for any discontinuity)


    this is my first mod, its finally turning out, i started mid june. im finally starting to get things DONE. so heres a long recap of my work so far;

    this is the case, before i started working on it;

    as you can see, this case is AT form factor, that is the main reason im using it (aside from i got it free, he didnt want it anymore)

    the first thing i wanted to do, was sand the paint of the case. so i did, not a very good job, but for now it will do. ive abandoned my plans of making it just plain metal but shiny/reflective.

    next, i had an old I486 lying around, with the pins bent beyond repair on a whim, i decided to make it my power button, seeing as this was an old AT case, they used on buttons that were a part of the PSU, i dont have the psu anymore, and besides, its going to use ATX
    so i dremeled it out to make it fit (after painstakingly breaking off all the pins..BY HAND)

    but it wouldnt quite work with the button configuration of mounting it on the edge of the frame like so (held up by tape)

    so i cut out a piece of plastic from the frame of an old laptop i had lying around

    *this is the part of the worklog where i have very few pictures, but i will try get some, and revise it when i can, until then...youve got some reading ahead

    i superglued the plastic to the proc, and the round part of the power button to the back of that. the button when onto the case exactly like above. everythign went as planned, for the most part. i had to file out alot around the hole to make it fit just right, and the processor is still alittle far back (not flush with the case) but i can live with it.

    i finally was able to free up my other 775 motherboard, that i will be using in this mod. there is no processor under there, just a spair heatsink for size referance.

    mounting was easy, i managed to use the pre drilled holes in the motherboard tray, which was a lucky break. but it was not without its problems.

    nothing that couldnt be fixed with a dremel

    those last two are of the modified expansion slot...slot (lol) the audio ports were in the way, so i had to cut out the corner. now it works perfectly, and hold up the video card ill be using (old 6200TC)

    so, here is where i was at, the button is in, and so was the motherboard.

    my original idea was to mount a fan in the front, without much modding, and a 120mm fan on the top. but upon some thinking and suggestions. i decided to go the extra mile, and make a open front intake, such as defyant's flame'd mod (but less awsome)

    that meant i would finally buy a hole saw, i decided on 80mms, meaning the exhaust would be one or two 80mm fans on the top.

    i just did this tonight, and will finish it up tomorrow, hopefully i will get pictures between now and then.

    i cut the 85mm hole (had to fit in the oversize PVC pipe im using, its alittle big, but an 80mm fan will still work) the pipe fits, and looks very nice, it has its own lip, so it may end up looking like the guide on MNPCtech, but, again, less awsome :P ive got the case cut planned out and ready to go.

    so that is up to date, summer is half way through already, so we'll see far i get before its over. happy modding! (update tomorrow...i hope)


    ive finally gotten some pictures of what ive been doing/done

    that is the power button superglued to the case

    theres the i486 and its bit of laptop chassis

    its come together, but isnt supported very well...although its fine for me, this mod is my learning experience.

    my first work with the holes saw, it turned out great, the PVC fit after a bit of filing.

    this cut will probably happen later today, but you can never be sure what comes up

    also, dont forget to check out my primary case, that ill be posting in the gallery soon


    i never did the final cut for the open intake, instead, i cut a hole out of the top for the 80mm exhaust.

    heres a few pictures, shown with my extra xion green 8cm LED fan

    yet another learning expirience; the hole saw jumped out countless times, leaving MANY scratches, next time, it gets taped up before i do anything

    and, i almost burnt out my drill cutting the hole, i stopped when it started smoking :cry:

    an hour later i tried again and it was fine. next up is to get a new grindstone for my dremel and grind down the edges


    not the best pics, but PROGRESS!

    i brought out a bunch of stuff outside for this stint of work..

    first i cut out the wires from the cheap speaker casing

    then i decided to just use a dremel to do the inner hole for the wind tunnel;

    then i fine tuned that hole with the dremel, making it just right with the PVC im using

    then i cut the PVC (decided against the built in lip, and just cut it off) minutes later, i went nuts with the bondo :P i also filled in the vents that were already there. this is the fist time i've used bondo, but from the looks of it, it should turn out great

    sorry about the pictures; the first 4 were from my cellphone at high quality, the last one was on medium (it wouldnt let me take it on high, oh well)



    next weekend...


    well, the bar in the middle of the case got taken out, but the lumidisc still isnt in

    well, i got a fan in the front...a 92mm fan from an old heatsink, ive got a 3pin adaptor on it (so it connects to molex)

    i know its not centered, but for this mod, it will be good enough...
    the fan is held in with plastic rivets, my new best friend

    and i also spent alot of time repairing those speakers, and they will soon be installed, i spent the night positioning them, and i've marked a cut or two already


    well, the bar in the middle of the case got taken out, but the lumidisc still isnt in

    well, i got a fan in the front...a 92mm fan from an old heatsink, ive got a 3pin adaptor on it (so it connects to molex)

    i know its not centered, but for this mod, it will be good enough...
    the fan is held in with plastic rivets, my new best friend

    and i also spent alot of time repairing those speakers, and they will soon be installed, i spent the night positioning them, and i've marked a cut or two already


    long overdue update!!

    a bit of new work today, nothing special sadly

    had this thing lying around broken, so i cut out a bit to cover the fan that will be on the top of the case

    installed it upside down to drill the holes properly

    and two stripped screws later, he's a test fitting (with that same green fan i wont be using)

    then i moved on to the side hole for the lumi-disc. trying to make it more circle like (orginially, it looked like ass)

    and some mouse sander work

    also some modding tunes. Great portability


    more work done today!

    the covers for the random speakers which will be in the front of the case

    "" />

    remember to be careful when cutting plastic!

    getting close

    and here we are, both done

    then I sanded off the bondo (used a mouse sander this time, none of that by hand crap)

    i did another coat of bondo (sigh) and i'll let that dry tonight. i'm out of bondo now, so hopefully i can call it done or step up to something better (fiberglass body filler?)


    hooray, I seem to be getting more and more work done, must be the light school work load.

    the glued bay cover blocked a bit of the speakers, so chunks had to go

    she's starting to come together!

    next: filling in around the speaker houses (ive got the same old laptop case to cut for extra plastic, no one said this would be very solid)

    im tired of working with bondo for this project, so im just going to finish the main parts and paint the bezel as soon as I can, end the pain.


    12am, nothing to do...

    So i did a mock build of the PC so far, figure out what i need

    then i dug up some materials and prepped them to be used further along the line

    the laptop case makes another appearance!

    cant use most of the edges

    and, not shown, the dissection of an old PSU case

    which yielded some metal to be used (not pictured) and a small grill

    salvaged the rest of that mesh thing

    and cut it to size, to cover the ports in the back (serial port holes) In the 4th picture of this post

    I'm going to have a green theme, with the grills and things. then a more prominent colour on the bezel and rest of the case

    (another cameo of the same paint can from my PSU mod)

    then i went to work on the PSU's grill, cutting it to size carefully

    g" alt="" />

    and making it fit through dremel and hand file work

    which leaves me with two options of installation, angled

    or straight

    and a back view for fun

    i'm personally drifting towards angled

    and the mesh grills turned out nicely, I'll get pictures of them briefly installed later


    The last update was yesterday (may 12) so work is moving along, comments welcome!

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    Looking good theedge44

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    Looks like you got a heck of start on the project. Looks good so far.

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    Yeah not sure what its going to be but cant wait to see!

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    Don't those lumidiscs cause static electricity? I was thinking of installing a plasma ball in my case, but I know that I once got shock from a giant one of those in a GameWorks, so I'm kind of leary....

    I bet the lumidisc works on different principles, but I'm just kind of talking out of my ass on the whole issue. Anyway, looks great! Were you going for forest green?

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    brightshininglights - The disc isnt super similar to a plasma ball, and is mostly just a large piece of glass (very thick as well) I've seen someone mod one into their case before (rendering my idea much less original, but i swear it was pure coincidence) and they didnt have any problems.

    The colour is actually "John Deere Green"

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    Using an old PSU case to cover the PSU hole in the back. Can't fit both an ATX mobo and an ATX PSU (using standard mounting holes)

    simple solution: just use the fan mount from the PSU

    which leaves me with some useful scraps

    then its time to cut out parts of the fan grill (not worried about fingers)

    filed for awile

    then got rid of those ancient stickers and gave it a finish with a mouse sander (getting my money's worth out of that thing)

    and used an old fan for a test fit

    looks uneven because of the plastic screw i used to hold the fan, they're just easier and quicker to use for tests like this

    looks good from the back

    and fan-less

    I'll probably find more mesh to cover the plug holes

    thanks for your support and comments welcome. happy modding

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    Wow, that's a wonder fit from behind. Lookin good! Can't wait to see where this one goes.

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    I'm excited too, but I'm a little confused as to where the real power supply goes. I'm sure that I'll find out soon!

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    I'll admit to this being a poorly planned mod, but so far thats proving to be half the fun!

    the real PSU will be a MATX that will go along the bottom, since its an MATX motherboard there is space down there. shouldnt be too hard to cut out the mounting and fan holes.

    thanks for the support and feedback guys!

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