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Thread: Next Up . . . Project Interceptor!

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    Next Up . . . Project Interceptor!

    Now that I have a new Lexa with $1400 worth of components and extras, I can finally build another fun Mod. The parts from the Matrix and Dumb Terminal are going to Project Interceptor. The rough idea of what I'm doing is pictured below.

    I will be adding real handcuffs, an ASP baton for the handle and a real (case) badge. I was once Military Police so I still have these things. The case will be a general police theme. It's not part of a specific department or city (although the pics above says Chicago to get the "look&#34. I also want to incorporate a working lightbar. I've seen them on toy police cars so I will find a way to work that in. Let me know if you see anything online that will work.

    When completed I may give this case to one of my brothers, both are cops. Hop in the caged back seat for the next installment of TGS Modding!

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    Next Up . . . Project Interceptor!

    You always come up with some clever idea's TheGreatSatan, Should be cool when its completed.

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    Next Up . . . Project Interceptor!

    Good to hear your going to start a new mod. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Next Up . . . Project Interceptor!

    Oh no!! Its the cops!! *ducks behind sofa*

    That'll be cool mate

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    Next Up . . . Project Interceptor!

    Maybe you could hide a beretta in the CD tray..... lol

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    Next Up . . . Project Interceptor!

    Maybe you could hide a beretta in the CD tray..... lol
    And you could mount a gun rack on the side for the Remmington Pumps!!

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