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    Allied Interstate

    Well earlier today I recieved a few phone calls from them and each time I let the answering machine get it on the answering machine their "pre-recorded" message states that there was some sort of "urgent buisness" to take care of.

    Anyways I googled them up and found out they are a collection agency with a record of harrassment, verbal abuse, threat's, false charges and a few other things as well.

    Now to be honest I have no clue why they are calling me and I wont find out till tomorrow, but I was wondering if anyone ever had an issue with them or knows how to get them to leave me alone.

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    Allied Interstate

    if you've moved recently, you may have not changed some billing addresses, so the company you may owe money to could sell your owing balance to a collecting agency if they don't get any response to the bills they send. If that is the case, try to pay the original company or the agency back as soon as possible, as this could kill your credit rating if ignored.

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    Allied Interstate

    I have friends who work in collections. Going around them and paying the company you owe pisses them right off. That said, you usually save $ with a collection agency. Never had issues with this one. Sorry bud and good luck.

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    Allied Interstate

    Well I contacted my bank and phone/internet, tv, electricity and propane and none of them say I owe any money.

    Anyways I'm going to see if they call today, I asked them yesterday not to call till next week so i could gather info.

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    Allied Interstate

    You might have been listed on a someones loan as a co-signer and they have not paid it. You then could be liable for the loan. Many of times this can be be done without your knowledge as there are some very clever people out there.

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    Allied Interstate

    Yeah i know, like i said I googled them up and there are thousands of sites that show them as a corrupt buisness.

    They called me twice this morning so they are already in trouble, I also found out what it is, the person that lived here before had the same first name and they think its the same person.

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    Allied Interstate

    oh god i know what you mean, my family used to get that kind of calls all the time. once we moved we ditched having a home phone completely since most of us have cellphones and only my brother didn't. it has been so quiet in the house, i can actually sleep in now and play music really loud without having to turn the volume down every 3 songs for a telemarketer or collection agency that has a false claim.

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    Allied Interstate

    I just checked my credit report yesterday at, which is free but doesn't give you your credit score. The only one I couldnt check was Trans Union, but Equifax and Experian worked, so maybe see if they are on there and you'll probably see what it was for.

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