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Thread: Looking for lighting ideas

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    Looking for lighting ideas

    I'm currently planning my new mod and looking for suggestions on how to add lighting. The case I will be using for this mod is an Ultra MicroFly. I chose this because I wanted to play with windows, haven't done a mod with windows yet, and I already have the most of the necessary MicroATX components plus I just simply really like SFF cases.

    Here is a good shot of the chassis:

    Most MicroFly owners seem to rely on a lighted 120mm fan to provide lighting. However, I have my heart set on a pair of Noctua fans for this build.

    I really want to bring out as much detail to the CPU area as I can. The machine will be sitting to my left here on the desk and I want an unobstructed view of this area. I'm going to be removing the hard drive bays and the entire support bracket from the right (CPU) side of the case. Hard drives will be relocated to the spare 5.25" and floppy bay. My initial plan was to install the biggest and baddest LED HSF I could find and pretty much rely on that for lighting of this area. However, I came to my senses and going with a lower profile HSF that will now allow me to remove the tray while it is installed. I am now leaning towards a Zalman Fatal1ty but I really don't care for these Zalman styles for some reason.. plus everyone else has one. Heh.

    Basically, I am looking for other lighting ideas for this case. I can probably fit a couple of CCFD 4" tubes in front of the motherboard but there isn't room for a single 12". I just don't know how the light will flow through the case if they are mounted down here. I am also worried that, because I will be able to see the light source, they will be a distraction. I don't usually like knowing where the light is coming from but may not have an option here.

    I'm open to suggestions here and hope Master Tazz will add some of his wisdom to this as well.

    Thank guys.

    - JT

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    Looking for lighting ideas

    Wrong forum, sorry.

    - JT

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    Looking for lighting ideas

    Try some Lazer lights, they are about 1/2"Deep x 1"Wide x 3/8"Tall comes with screws and velcro. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Looking for lighting ideas

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