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Thread: Project: Sexy

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    Project: Sexy

    Sexy, name derived from my own nickname and hopefully everyones reaction by the time I'm through... will encompass all the skills I have thusfar aquired in my eventful 21 years of life. As long as I can remember I've strived to make normal things better, personal, and genuinely unique. Constantly I find my self looking at things and saying "I like this... but it's missing something." This project, by the time I'm finished, will have everything I've been wanting in a computer for some time now. It won't be an easy task, but I'm starting early, and giving myself plenty of time to do it right.

    -Clean Crisp Look (remove useless things, all cables sleeved, attention to details)
    -Quiet (removing all noise that shouldn't be there)
    -Powerful (using next gen hardware for next gen apps)
    -Innovation (whatever I come up with...)

    Most everything in this build will be new (most of it hasn't even been released yet.) I am starting my planning here, and will update the list as I decide what I want.

    Color Indicates Status:
    |||||| _ ||||||||| _ |||||||| _ ||||||||||
    Have _ Ordered _ Waiting _ Modification

    - RD790 ATI Chipset

    - AMD:Phenom X4 (October/November)

    - R670/R680 55nm (December/Jan Info here)

    - Whatever works best with Phenom chip

    - X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro Series (the one with the 64mb of x-ram)

    - Not sure, must be quiet and stable ~600 watts (corsair, seasonic..?)

    - Fastest SATA DVD-RW's Availible this Fall.

    - 150 GB Raptor X

    RAIDMAX X1 Why this case? Well, honestly I love the LCD, It's hard to find anything that looks right, and with some heavy modifications this case should do Just fine.



    -HW Labs: 360GTStealth


    -Swiftech MCP350 /w Petras Top

    CPU Block:

    -D-Tek Fusion

    GPU Block:

    -Hopefully my Swiftech MCW60 will fit with minor modifications


    -Custom case fitted acrylic


    -4x S.Flex Sythe 1200 RPM ~22 DBA


    -Modify case monitoring to watercooled setup

    -removing all rivets and taping for screws
    -full case painting + designs
    -remove un-needed peices
    -build lower portion to house radiator and fans that looks like case... (for cleanness and airflow)
    -add casefeet
    -cut intake vents in top (adding painted hex mesh)
    -replace case window with 1/4 thick plexi for sound dampening, drill/tap holes for window fixture
    -seal off factory ventilations, to direct airflow in one specific direction
    -replace cheap aluminum panel with LED lit plexiglas creation... (etching will be done)
    -make window in the right side of the case for resoviour display
    -maybe change usb location from behind door to somewhere that doesnt require me to open the door
    -add card multi-in-1 card reader
    -magnets on front door instead of snap ins

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    Project: Sexy

    video of the LCD working Here x1_lcd_demo.wmv (14.7mb)

    some pictures...

    Here is what im working with now...

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    Project: Sexy

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    Project: Sexy

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    Project: Sexy

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    Project: Sexy

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    Project: Sexy

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    Project: Sexy

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    Project: Sexy

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    Project: Sexy

    Man I read the first post and said well this will take a few days to develop. I came back to see a great log so far. That is going to be amazing, I like it.

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