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Thread: Project - Black Plague

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    Project - Black Plague

    I'm planning to do a black and red case mod. I named it black plague. I've already got the mod started with a defyant style blowhole on the front and a couple of other mods. The case I'm using is a brand unknown AT style case.
    after sanding
    side shot after sanding
    After first coat of primer and sand. Thats just after being washed.
    Another shot of just after it being washed
    Seccond coat of primer bottom side, I did a first coat of primer on the inside and seccond coat on the outside of the side panels and on the back and around.

    Note: the side may look like it's been sanded too much, it's just a reflection because the seccond coat was still quite wet.
    Another shot from the other side

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    Project - Black Plague

    Will you consider doing gull wings with that type of cover? I've only seen once and I believe it was on Krystal's web site. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Project - Black Plague

    gull wings? Now thats an IDEA! I mean i was thinking of how to fasten it and the tabs at the back are too damn small. but thats actually a GREAT idea. I'm just wondering how to actually fasten a spring or actuator or whatever to make it go up

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    Project - Black Plague

    Update : after thinking on embilko's idea i found a picture and thought it would be a very cool way of mounting my case.

    now this isn't a true gull-wing style door, but It's very original none the less. Now just to find a way to cut that panel straight down the one side.

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    Project - Black Plague

    these gull wings are going to be awesome. Wish the idea had come up before I'd cut into the side of mine

    BTW: you're welcome for the case :wink: :wink:

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    Project - Black Plague

    Thanks guy. LOL yeah i'm happy i got the case but finally since summer came by i'm gonna hopefully work on it lots.

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    Project - Black Plague

    Looking good and thanks for the photos. You know how much I like pics. Keep up the good work and Happy Modding to ya.

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    Project - Black Plague

    Holy jeez, those are NOT small pics!! Lol. What does the front look like? More pics!!! Gull wings sound good, I actually have a Dell case that came with gull wings. I had to drill and tap mobo holes, though (stupid proprietary scum).

    Sorry no pic of the open side, I just grabbed this pic off of google (no camera yet).

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    Project - Black Plague

    I can take a pic of the front, Not done modding it yet, as theres going to be a pretty sweet blowhole on the front that i have to sort out

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    Project - Black Plague

    gull wing door cut has begun! steel is very thick so it may take a few days.

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