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Thread: Warhammer 40k

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    Warhammer 40k

    ok guys i've been a member here for a while now with a few posts here and there. so now im gonna finally build me a custom case from scratch . im thinking of doing the command center from Dawn of War, the Warhammer 40k game. unless any of you can name a better looking command center :wink: . anyway here is a picture of the building,

    and a rough sketchup rendering of what the building may look like

    this is my first mod like this so any suggestions or comments are much welcome
    ill post some of whats going into it as i figure it out

    anyway im off to begin getting supplies, hope to hear from some of you soon

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    Warhammer 40k

    As a WK40 Fanatic myself, I think this idea is about time.


    In the top of the box you can place a exshast for the Mobo, And since that area seems to be the biggest thats the best place to put it. LIght it up with some wicked LEDs and your set

    The front of the box (The longest part) Should be for your drives

    The small Inclusions on the side, Im thinking thats where your Firewire/Audio/UBS jacks are going to be.
    The graphic card(s) and other stuff (Wi fi) needs be extended to one of the "Sides" near the mobo tray, and the wires would have to be ported to the back of this beast. In all cases, any "Exit" Port should be able to be hidden with some clever modding.

    Now, for the outside, thats going to be very hard to pull off. Your going to need to work on your brushskills, and I recommend articles on how to paint minatures. This is going to help you when you come to the banged up worn look your proboly wanting. As for the case material, plex would work, but i don't know how that would stand up to the pain that would be needed. You may have to come up with rubbers molds or something for the intricate and other designs on the face of it. Oh and also: Thats a chaos marine HQ in the pic, so if you want to go with that, lots of mini skulls and chains will be the final touches you'll need to keep in mind. Also, the giant chaos symbol. I think you might be lucky and be able to find a pretty decent picture of that, for a good paint job.

    You might want to check out armorcast stuidos for die casts of the larger peices (they make the titans and such) and you can proboly pick up the symbols your going to need for the project to come together.

    Well thats about all I can say, I see from your cad drawing that your pretty good at the design part so you proboly have thought alot about this already. Id like to see what your next move is, and the deisgn specs of this guy. Its going to be cool! I hope ive helped. thanks

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    Warhammer 40k

    Oh and if you need help/ideas let me know. Ive done my fair share of painting the minis so I know alot about them, and I think this Mod would go great with a themed background and diorma set up. Also forgive the spelling, thanks.

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    Warhammer 40k

    I guess something to get cleared up right away is whether you're using water cooling and how big this thing is going to be. Will it accomodate full-atx or will you go itx, or something in between?

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    Warhammer 40k

    Woohoo Warhammer 40k Mod!!
    I really liked the game, played it alot (too much ) and I think this will be W-I-C-K-E-D!!

    What materials are you planning on using? Metal, wood or something else?

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    Warhammer 40k

    hehe i agree with you there sithson, im surprised i havent seen one yet either.
    to answer your question, i may go with the Dark Angel or Chaos colors, havent decided yet. as for painting it my brother and my roommate both love to paint so ill probably have them do the battle damage and stuff.

    brightshininglights: its gonna be air cooled (cant afford water cooling as of yet) the mobo is a full size atx

    Dex: the main structure is going to be aluminum bars, about 1/2 in. and/or 1/4 in., there will be some plexi in there some where, and the sides are going to be sheet metal (easy to bend).

    ill post a picture of the internal layout when i get finished with it. i also have a mock up done with heavy cardstock somewhere around here.

    Edit: here are the inside shots. 1 shows the power and the other shows the cd/dvd drives and such

    P.S. - these are not to scale, they are just a guess at the moment

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    Warhammer 40k

    Looking good so far. Thanks for the idea pic. Keep up with the good work and pics. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Warhammer 40k

    Looks like this will turn out pretty sweet looking man. Like the idea a lot.

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    Warhammer 40k

    There might be a small problem with cooling the graphics card, not sure tho..
    I tihnk you should somehow get a litle more space above the graphics card OR put a fan on top?

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    Warhammer 40k

    yeah i did think about that. my current graphics card is a geforce FX 5200 so not to much of a heat generator. i might have two or three more fans hidden in the back of the case, and the base isnt going to
    be solid, its going to be hollow cause all the fans will be blowing air out.

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