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Thread: HELP!! Vertical CD-ROM drive adapter bracket

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    HELP!! Vertical CD-ROM drive adapter bracket

    I have been looking for the last week to try and find something that will work for me but have unable to locate anything....I am trying to find an adapter bracket that will allow me to mount my cd-rom drive, dvd drive, and other 5.25" drive vertically in a horizontal oriented case. Basically some sort of adapter that will insert into 4, 5.25" horizontal drive slots and allow me to mount 3 5.25" drives vertically in those slots.

    Have any of you seen something like this. I would really like something that is available for purchase since I really don't want to try and make a bracket that would probably end up looking horrible.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    HELP!! Vertical CD-ROM drive adapter bracket

    I've never heard of anything like it.

    If you do build your own bracket, take your time plan things out, gather the things you need, measure things twice and cut once.

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    HELP!! Vertical CD-ROM drive adapter bracket

    Most cases that are designed to cover both desktop (horizontal) and tower positions have the changeable faceplates... I dont think there are any after market parts that do it though. Making your own is probably the best option.

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