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Thread: MNPCTech 120mm Blowhole Kit

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    MNPCTech 120mm Blowhole Kit

    Trying to decide what accessories to add to your case can be a time consuming chore. When it comes to eye catching Bling Bling, make sure to head over to and check out their excellent case accessories. We took a look at their Vandal Resistant switches and Bulgin Switch mounting plate last week. Today we are going to take a look at their 120mm Blowhole Kit. I will also be taking the satin finish to a polished finish.

    Read the full review here.

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    MNPCTech 120mm Blowhole Kit

    These 120mm blow hole kits are the muts nuts, a must have peice of kit for that bit of bling on your case

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    MNPCTech 120mm Blowhole Kit

    ive got to say that is very ood, btw nice review there very in depth on this product :P

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    MNPCTech 120mm Blowhole Kit

    Whats odd about it :?:

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