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Thread: Modular PSU made at home!

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    Modular PSU made at home!

    Hey friends, today would like share with you a family's revenue:

    Modular PSU made in home!

    I opened for psu and separated the cover:

    I used the original cover to cut a new front for for psu:

    I holed and I riveted the new front, keeping the old

    Using a micro-rectifies, I did a cut to case the connector db25, and with the drill and a thick drill, I did 4 holes for the connectors Mic

    I stretched the connector atx cables until the connector db25 and cut them letting a free time to weld them. (Hint: Use cables term-retractile or hot glue to isolate the cables after weld them)

    I passed the cable atx inside cuting, I arrested with retractile term, (watch out to do not invert the cables order), weld them in the other connector db25

    I repeated the operation, now with the cables molex

    To improve the visual and the refrigeration, I changed for fan of psupor a colored, put a cover of acrylic and a second fan in the cover top, and I used lasergrill for the finishing.

    Then it was alone to close the source, and it is ready! Modular PSU made at home!

    Time expense:
    06 hours
    Money expense: (US$ 20 + PSU)

    The Advantage of this modification in psu cables, is just that allows a better interior organization of the case, and consequently a better refrigeration, besides you have the option of only to connect the cables that is going to use, or it adapts them its way.

    It is worth remind that it should pay attention in the order of the cables in the hour to welding them to do not occur any mistake, following this recommendation, there is not larger secrets.


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    Modular PSU made at home!

    dang man, that is one cool mod, i would mod my PSU but it is a nice 550w modular PSU from ultra and is still under warranty.

    i have spare ones though and what kind of connectors did you use for the molex connectors. i can tell the mobo connector is made from an outdated serial port

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    Modular PSU made at home!

    wow i like how this one looks

    i might have to do this for my warhammer psu when i get that far

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    Modular PSU made at home!

    Yeah, that does look pretty awesome. Where did you get that acrylic cover?

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    Modular PSU made at home!

    Awesome you did a really good job darth_invader...

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    Modular PSU made at home!

    Two Thumbs Up

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    Modular PSU made at home!

    Wow, nice work I'm tempted myself

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    Modular PSU made at home!

    Lookin' good

    nice work there, there's only one thing.. I can't mod my PSU cuz I can already disconnect the cables separately :'(

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    Modular PSU made at home!

    Outstanding PSU mod! The color that you used is great and tell us, with the addition of the second fan, did it help with the cooling of the PSU? Thanks for showing us this outstanding work and Happy Modding to ya.

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    Modular PSU made at home!

    I was thinking, if it were me there would be no WAY that I'd rewire the mobo header! I'd be way too scared....

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