Case Modding How-To

Do you want to learn how to do your own case modding. Then check out our case modding how to’s and be on your to computer modding

Creating a rust and worn look with paint

Fallout 3 Case Mod by Dewayne Carel of Modders-Inc

Creating Rust with Paint. I finally got to do a part of a case mod that I have always wanted to do the most, creating a rust effect. I know that some can make it by being a master of the airbrush – which I am not- or using stuff from the local craft store. I looked into that solution but was not happy ...

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Shooting Paint: Stepping Away From Black

step 7

One of the easiest mods you can do for your build is adding some color. Whether it be a case, radiator, graphics card cooler or the heat sinks on your RAM, a little pop of color can go a long way. I am going to show you a step-by-step process on how I paint my hardware. I’m not saying this ...

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So you want to paint your computer case, a painting guide


So the day has come that you are tired of looking at the same ol’ case over and over again each day and you just hate the idea that there is probably a few 100 of the same machines out there that look just like yours. But what can you do to remedy this? You can paint it! Painting the ...

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Basic Tools for Case Modding


Before you can even start making your case mod you need to have some tools and some knowledge on what they are and what they do. You don’t need to have every tool made known to man, but having the right ones will help you do what you want to do. Creating a case would be nearly next to impossible ...

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Metal Polishing – Making Shiny Things

Metal Polishing - Making Shiny Things

Metal Polishing – Making Shiny Things by Onevoicewild     As usual my techniques lean to the primitive side. This allows me to get the job done with less investment in tools and I have great control over the materials, because I remove material very slowly. The trade off is it’s more work for me than if I used power ...

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No CNC, No Problem Hand Crafted Metal Fabrication


No I didn’t make the saw blade! I’m stubborn not stupid. I’ve had many comments saying I wish I had a CNC Machine to make stuff like that. I wish I did too! Out of necessity and stubbornness I have learned to make a lot of things with basic hand tools.  With a little practice you can learn to fabricate ...

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Computer Case Cable Management


There comes a day that most of have to face a fear that we have and the quickest way to do that is by doing it.One of those fears that seem to be out there in full force in the land of computers is the tangle web of wires and cables inside our PC’s. This guide will help you do ...

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Spray painting guide, shiney style!

shiney style spray painting

OK, so I’ve decided I’m going to make my version of a spray painting guide, before I start I’d like to thank em3bilko as without his help, I would not be able to spray paint how I can, anyway back to the guide. First you’re going to need some supplies right?? Well here they are…. 1. 4-8 lint free cloths ...

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How To Get a LCD Character Screen to Work

Modding a LCD Character Screen

Today our local modder EM3Bilko, walks us through the tools needed and processes that he does to get a LCD Character screen working. Me on the other hand, I always tend to lean toward the screens that have a USB connection, which allows for a quick and easy installation… Ok you can call me lazy… Lets see how EM3Bilko does ...

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Creating Your Own Custom Decals

Creating Custom Decals

Want a Decal on that case window that no one else has, but don't know how to create it? In this tutorial I will explain to you how to create artwork and have it custom cut at your local Vinyl Shop. I also explain the different File Types and what the vinyl shop will need from you in order to save ...

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