Just a Few Words

The team at Modders-Inc would like to thank each one of you (new and returning visitors) for making 2014 an outstanding year for us. Just a few years ago I was almost ready to pull the plug on the site, but perseverance and good luck changed that thought. Over the past few years we have become the official case modding contest at QuakeCon, new hardware reviewers have been added to the staff, a new focus and direction will be happening in 2015.

We have a unique opportunity here at Modders-Inc as we are a two topic site that blends into one. Giving each topic its own spotlight while bringing the two together, is a challenge, seems natural. Behind the scenes the team is creating standards that will take our product reviews to a new level. On the case modding side we will be bringing this more towards the forefront with more how-to articles and videos. More case modders and their mods will be highlighted on the site.

This site is not just ours, it is yours as well. The great thing about the modding community is they always are willing to help each other. We welcome any of our readers to suggest topics or submit articles and videos for us to publish on the site. Joining our forums allows you to interact and show-off your hard work to others, while creating new friendships.
Thank you for a great 2014 and for an even better 2015!



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