Lutro0 Customs to take BITCOINS using bitpay systems

Hello LC(ers),

As you know LC has a large Skrypt Mining Operation itself and since we do support ALTCurrencies it was only right that we offered the ability for you the customer to purchase Lutro0 Custom Goods with BitCoin.

We will be using the bitpay system and BitCoin is the only currency we will be accepting automatically.

We are also considering offering a pre-built miner service for those that are interested. This will be only on a first come first serve basis and will include custom metal cases/benches and complete full setup of the mining software and OS. If interested please pm or email

We have also added another Card Processor on our site for those that don’t like Paypal. So we now offer 3 different ways for you to pay.

We have done these improvements to make the purchasing side of our business much easier for everyone!

Thanks as always for your support!

via Lutro0 Customs.

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