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The Screen Savers is Back and on TWIT.TV

The New Screen Savers

Man I used to watch this show all the time on Tech-Tv and when it went off the air it was a sad day. This show used to be the one that really gave you the information you needed. I wonder if they will be ...

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HWBOT World Tour 2015 Arrives at Gamers Assembly, France


HWBOT’s World Tour continues in Gamers Assembly, France. The HWBOT World tour 2015 is a series of overclocking events worldwide through out the year whose goal is to spread the gospel of overclocking and provide both amateur and seasoned overclockers to play around with LN2 ...

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Tesoro Sponsoring Hearthstone Tournament at UK’s Biggest Gaming Festival: Insomnia 54

Tesoro logo

Gaming peripheral manufacturer Tesoro is flying across the pond and heading over to Insomnia 54; the largest gaming festival in the UK to sponsor a big Hearthstone tournament. Attendees will also have the chance to play the latest games in VR and with the latest ...

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Futuremark Updates 3DMark with API Overhead Feature Test


Itching to find out DirectX 12 performance compared to Mantle and DirectX11? 3DMark wants you to find out as well with their new 3DMark API Overhead feature test, the first independent test of its kind. The purpose of this benchmark is to compare the relative ...

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FinalWire Updates AIDA64 to version 5.20


Perhaps the best all-in-one PC monitoring and benchmarking utility there currently is, FinalWire’s AIDA64 has been updated to version 5.20. If you have been reading our heatsink and motherboard reviews, this program will be familar. New improvements in version 5.2 include support for Intel’s Skylake, ...

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Lian Li Giving a Sneak Peak of the Latest Desk and O Series Chassis at CeBIT 2015


Lian Li is taking their latest prototypes to Hannover, Germany for CeBIT 2015. On display will be a new desk chassis prototype dubbed the DK-Q2, an improved version of the DK-01 and DK02 after hearing feedback from users. Also to be unveiled is the new ...

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Watch SK Gaming and Visit ASRock At IEM Katowice!


Intel Extreme Masters will be host to the largest League of Legends tourmanent this year in Katowice, Poland. ASRock and their sponsored team SK gaming will be present and will be competing with seven other top teams from around the world. ASRock, in cooperation with ...

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Microsoft Extends Free Office365 Offer Outside of US


Microsoft has been in a philanthropic kick lately, offering their Office365 productivity suite for free to both teachers and students in the United States initially but has now expanded the generous offer to the rest of the world. Signing up requires a valid school e-mail but ...

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An Open Letter Regarding the GTX 970 Issue from NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang

Jen-Hsun Huang

NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang penned an open letter today addressing the GeForce GTX 970 issue head on and asking for an apology from their customers, 5-days after a class-action lawsuit was filed against NVIDIA because of this recent controversy. In a blog post on NVIDIA’s ...

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Patriot Receives “Reader’s Choice” Award From PC Magazine Russian Edition by its Readers


It is one thing to get recognition from critics but it is even better when regular users themselves echo the sentiment. That was exactly the case with Patriot Memory receiving a “reader’s choice” recommendation from the Russian edition of PC Magazine via an annual survey. The ...

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