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#INSPIRATION: West African Inventor Creates $100 3D Printer from E-Waste


Kodjo Afate Gnikou is an inventor from Togo, West Africa who has creatively assembled a 3D printer from scrounging various e-wastes including used belts, rails, and power supplies from discarded printers, scanners and computers. Most of the parts were sourced locally from a junkyard in …

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Celebrate US National Robotics Week 2016 from April 2-10


From the 2nd of April until the 10th marks the seventh annual National Robotics Week in the United States where participants including educational institutes and robotic hobby groups across 50 states showcase various local events to promote interest and inspire creativity in robotic technology. Started …

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What to Expect from NVIDIA’s GTC 2016 April 4-7, 2016


The NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC for short) is held in San Jose, California from the 4th of April until the 7th where team green reveals their latest technological efforts. At the center of the event this year is Virtual Reality, with a focus on …

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PSA: Batman Arkham Knight Finally Re-Released, Problems Persist

Batman Arkham Knight

The fourth installment to the Batman Arkham saga is finally available and re-released after it was pulled out in June after its disastrous problematic performance on the PC. It was not simply a matter of limiting the frames to 30, the game itself was painfully …

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Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Launch Trailer

Star Wars Launch Trailer

Star Wars Battlefront will not launch until November 17 so here is the latest gameplay trailer to tide fans over who enjoyed or have missed playing the beta. The new gameplay trailer reveals the other special hero characters other than Luke and Vader that will …

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Deepcool Captain 240 Now Available In White (+ Facebook GIVEAWAY)


Deepcool recently showed off the latest version of their Captain 240 liquid CPU cooler now sporting a white and black color scheme. This liquid AiO CPU cooler was previously reviewed here at Modders-Inc and received our Recommended Hardware award. The reactor-style pump looks alive as …

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NVIDIA Offers GeForce NOW Game Streaming for $7.99/Mo


Gamers all over have been waiting for a game streaming service that can be the “Netflix of gaming” so when NVIDIA announced their GRID cloud game stream service earlier this year, many were pleased. That has now been renamed to “GeForce NOW” and price has …

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EPIC Games Shows-off New ‘Bullet Train’ Oculus Touch VR Demo


EPIC Games has released a cool preview of what action VR experience will be like when the next-gen Unreal Engine technology and Oculus Touch motion controllers are used in-game. The new ‘Bullet Train’ VR demo is a first person shooter that seemlessly incorporates traditional controls …

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Ozone: Road to Worlds LCS World Championship Finals Giveaway


If you are a League of Legends fan, this is a great opportunity to experience the biggest event in LoL history by getting tickets for the LCS World Championship Finals in Berlin to see who will be crowned champion. Ozone Gaming Gear is offering two …

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Street Fighter V PC Requirements Revealed: Steeper than Expected


Another much anticipated game of the year is the fifth installment to CAPCOM’s legendary fighting game franchise: Street Fighter V. CAPCOM has been releasing the character roster information in trickles over the past few weeks, showing fan favorites from the SF Alpha series such as …

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