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Microsoft Extends Free Office365 Offer Outside of US


Microsoft has been in a philanthropic kick lately, offering their Office365 productivity suite for free to both teachers and students in the United States initially but has now expanded the generous offer to the rest of the world. Signing up requires a valid school e-mail but once registered, users get: The latest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access and Publisher ...

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An Open Letter Regarding the GTX 970 Issue from NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang

Jen-Hsun Huang

NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang penned an open letter today addressing the GeForce GTX 970 issue head on and asking for an apology from their customers, 5-days after a class-action lawsuit was filed against NVIDIA because of this recent controversy. In a blog post on NVIDIA’s website, Jen-Hsun promises that the issue will not happen again and that the features of ...

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Patriot Receives “Reader’s Choice” Award From PC Magazine Russian Edition by its Readers


It is one thing to get recognition from critics but it is even better when regular users themselves echo the sentiment. That was exactly the case with Patriot Memory receiving a “reader’s choice” recommendation from the Russian edition of PC Magazine via an annual survey. The survey includes categories involving product quality, support and user recommendation. For more information, check out ...

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HWBot European Stop at Gamers Assembly France Announced


HWBOT continues with their world tour announcing a second stop addition in Poitiers, France on April 4 to 6th, 2015 inside the Gamer’s Assembly LAN Party. The three-day workshop involves overclocking activities for amateurs and extreme overclockers alike, teaching basic overclocking skills to those interested in diving into the hobby as well as providing unlimited supply of liquid nitrogen for ...

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PSA: GTX 970 Memory Allocation Issues


It appears that many users have been reporting all over the web of observed problems related to the GTX 970’s memory allocation. Basically, the problem has to do with the GTX 970 being unable to fully utilize 4GB of VRAM and when the last 500~700MB gets accessed, performance drops significantly. So far it seems to only affect the GTX 970 ...

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Tesoro Debuting RGB Mechanical Keyboards with Individual Key Illumination at PAX South


RGB mechanical keyboards are extremely popular these days, in fact there were plenty at CES showing their upcoming products so it comes as no surprise that gaming brand Tesoro is planning to debut their latest RGB mechanical keyboard publicly soon as well. Tesoro will be at PAX South exhibiting their gaming peripherals and to increase their precense in North America. ...

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Silicon Power Received Ten Awards from Taiwan Excellence 2015 for Six Consecutive Years

SPPR_Taiwan Excellence Award 2015_Thunderbolt External SSD

Things are starting out really well for storage technology manufacturer Silicon Power after receiving ten awards from Taiwan Excellence 2015 which marks the sixth consecutive year the company has received such honor. Silicon Power’s products offerings range from USB thumb drives to high capacity and highspeed external drives with Thunderbolt connectivity such as the T11 Thunderbolt external SSD which has ...

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Lian Li to Showcase Open Air Chassis at CES 2015


Lian Li’s latest O-series chassis will be front and centre at CES 2015 in their Las Vegas Hilton booth among their other new and upcoming chassis creations. The O-series open air chassis is available in four variants: PC-O5, PC-O5S, PC-O6S, and PC-O7s and comes featured with a large tempered glass window, a PCI riser card to fit graphics cards in ...

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Cooler Master at CES 2015: New Technologies and Product Portfolio


Cooler Master will be unveiling their latest product lineup in their private invitation-only Palms Sky Villa suite in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thankfully, Modders-Inc is invited and will be there to bring full video and photo coverage, so subscribe to our YouTube channel, Twitter and Facebook pages to get fresh info once we are in the suite!  The most exciting news for modders ...

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2015 International CES to Host Largest Ever “Internet of Things” Showcase


The International Consumer Electronic Show 2015 is less than a week away with more than 900 exhibitors poised to unveil upcoming technological trends in Las Vegas, Nevada. Keynote speakers include Samsung president Boo-Keun Yoon and Intel CEO Brian Krzanich with talks of privacy in the modern internet age and the largest ever Internet of Things showcase with discussions of what ...

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