Noctua NH-L9i Low Profile CPU Cooler

noctua_logo_300_300pxThe NH-L9i is a first-rate quality quiet CPU cooler for Intel LGA115x based HTPCs and Small Form Factor systems. The NH-L9i is ideal for extremely slim cases and due to its 95x95mm footprint, it provides full compatibility with tall RAM modules and VGA cards on mini-ITX mainboards. The NH-L9i fuses everything users have come to expect from Noctua’s larger coolers into a super-compact package for slim HTPC systems.

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Product Name: NH-L9i
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The Noctua NH-L9i low profile CPU cooler is a low profile, small form factor, ready made solution. If you have a need for a low clearance, low wattage cooling solution, this is what you need to be looking for! The unit tested here is the “i” variety, designating it for the Intel CPU’s, socket 1150/1155/1156. If you have the “a” variety, you would have an AMD compatible CPU solution. Do your research and make sure you are purchasing the right cooling solution for what you are mounting it on! ;)  The recommended TDP paring of this cooler is to a CPU putting out out 65w or less. So, that said, you have to research your CPU you are using prior to installing this cooler. The NH-L9i is a performance cooler, but not a high wattage performance cooler. There is a lot of performance packed into this small package, but it would not be fair to compare it to other “high performance” / “overclocking” types of coolers.

Socket compatibility LGA1150, LGA1155, LGA1156
Height (without fan) 23 mm
Width (without fan) 95 mm
Depth (without fan) 95 mm
Height (with fan) 37 mm
Width (with fan) 95 mm
Depth (with fan) 95 mm
Weight (without fan) 345 g
Weight (with fan) 420 g
Material Copper (base and heat-pipes), aluminium (cooling fins), soldered joints & nickel plating
Fan compatibility 92x92x14mm, 92x92x25mm
Scope of Delivery 
  • NF-A9x14 PWM premium fan
  • Low-Noise Adaptor (L.N.A.)
  • NT-H1 high-grade thermal compound
  • SecuFirm2™ Mounting Kit
  • Screws for 92x92x25mm fans
  • Noctua Metal Case-Badge
Warranty 6 Years

Fan specifications

Model Noctua NF-A9x14 PWM
Bearing SSO2
Max. Rotational Speed (+/- 10%) 2500 RPM
Max. Rotational Speed with L.N.A. (+/- 10%) 1800 RPM
Min. Rotational Speed (PWM) 300 RPM
Max. Airflow 57,5 m³/h
Max. Airflow with L.N.A. 40,8 m³/h
Max. Acoustical Noise 23,6 dB(A)
Max. Acoustical Noise with L.N.A. 14,8 dB(A)
Input Power 2,52 W
Voltage Range 12 V
MTBF > 150.000 h

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