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Cougar 600K Gaming Keyboard Review


Everyone wants performance from their peripherals. I beat on my tools daily as I want to squeeze every bit of performance out of them. What concerns me the most is the longevity of a tool, as I do not have time to deal with replacements or try to fix them. This applies to pretty much everything I use for work ...

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Aorus Thunder K7 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Aorus Thunder K7 Keyboard

What do you look for in a keyboard? Do you look for items such as mechanical switches, dedicated macro keys, and LED backlighting? Do you want silent keys or loud keys? There are plenty of keyboards on the market with more features than you can shake a stick at. Some are useful, while others are gimmicky. The Aorus Thunder K7 ...

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Cougar 700K Keyboard: The Audacity of Functional Design

Cougar 700K

A product’s function is not solely reliant on the designer but also shaped by the intended audience. Problem arises when there is a disconnect between intention, marketing and reception; the result being a product that is supposed to perform well at the intended task but comes up short due to false assumptions on what the intended audience needs. I say ...

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Thermaltake eSports CHALLENGER Prime Gaming Keyboard Review


There is an endless number of keyboards on the market right now. Each and every one of them has some kind of unique feature or a series of options available which are beneficial for both gamers and programmers, or just for anyone really. Buying the right keyboard for the task could be a real pain. If you want to be ...

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CM Storm NovaTouch TKL Premium Keyboard Review

Cooler Master Novatouch TKL

Cooler Master classifies the CM Storm NovaTouch TKL Premium keyboard in the “heavy duty” category. Being a more effortless, easy touch with long lasting quality construction its market sweet spot are users who spend time typing and have no need for a 10 number keypad, gaming macros, LED lighting or large foot print on the desk. Simply put, the CM ...

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Roccat Ryos MK Pro Mechanical Keyboard Review


In a world of emerging touchscreen devices, the keyboard is still the main input device for a “traditional” PC. Comfort, ease of use and features; not gimmicks, make up a great keyboard. I know personally I switch out my GPU more than I do my keyboard. I think that I have used the same keyboard on my daily rig for ...

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CM Storm QuickFire Rapid-i Keyboard Review

CM Storm QuickFire Rapid-i

Cooler Master’s QuickFire Rapid was the first and perhaps the most popular mechanical keyboard from their CM Storm line. The critical and user response to the QFR was overwhelmingly positive due to its affordable price and excellent built quality. Since then, Cooler Master has diversified their mechanical keyboard line to cater to those who prefer the feature oriented gaming keyboards ...

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Genius Imperator Pro Illuminated Keyboard Review

IMPERATOR Pro Gaming Keyboard by Genius

A flurry of gaming products has been introduced recently by Genius from Gaming Headsets, Mice, Pads, Speakers to Keyboards. At the top of the Keyboard line is the IMPERATOR PRO MMO/RTS Professional GX Gaming Series Keyboard. This PRO model includes 2 notable high end features, 2 USB ports and 16 million color backlighting. We will dig in and break down ...

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Rosewill Apollo RK-9100xRBR Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


What’s the big deal about mechanical keyboards? Why does everyone seem to want one, after all these years of being satisfied with membrane keyboards? If you’re asking yourself this question, the answer is simple. Mechanical switches just feel good when you’re typing with them. These switches vary, and there are several different companies that produce them. One of the most ...

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Sentey Phoenix GS 5700 Gaming Keyboard Review

Sentey Phoenix Keyboard

The selection of gaming keyboards with features like programmable macros, NKRO keys, tactical touch, sensitivity/response, light weight and LED lighting are everywhere nowadays. It’s a bonus when a keyboard has programmable functions other than just for gaming and a rich easy to use interface. Finding one in the below $100 range and are up to the challenge is a good ...

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