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Do you want to do or add something to you PC but not sure what. Take a look though some of the items we have reviewed and you might get some ideas

AKRACING Player Gaming Chair Review


Like any skilled trade, the person is only as good as the tools they use. Taking that statement to the gaming perspective we, as gamers, tend to invest time and money into our tools such as keyboards, mice, GPUs, etc. But I wonder how many ...

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NZXT Doko: Your PC Anywhere (Sort of…)


What took center stage at famed case manufacturer NZXT’s suite at CES 2015 was not a chassis or even enclosure related but a small device barely larger than a 120mm fan. This device, dubbed the “DOKO” was unlike anything NZXT has offered before, aiming to ...

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Genius F-1000 Gaming Arcade Stick Review

Genius F-1000 Arcade Stick

Before the advent of online gaming and even before home gaming systems delivered cutting edge graphics to the living room, multiplayer was largely the domain of the video arcade. For the cost of a quarter or two, gamers can go head to head against strangers ...

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Tuniq TX-2 and TX-4 Thermal Compound Review


So many people have such radically different outlooks on thermal compound. Some people will undoubtedly tell you that you should only run a certain thermal compound. However, that’s not necessarily the case. There are several thermal compounds that all perform within just a small percentage ...

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Cooler Master CM Storm SF-17 Gaming Laptop Cooler

Cooler Master SF-17 Laptop Cooler

Keeping cool under pressure is not always easy for a high end gaming laptop. Powerful processors and dedicated graphics cards are all too often produce more heat than can be removed by the stock cooling hardware. Cooler Master, a world leader in keeping it cool ...

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ModRight Xtreme Super Large Anti-Static Mod-Mat


We’ve all seen the giant Modders Mat that most of us wanted or have purchased. Here’s the next upgrade to that.  This one grabbed me at first sight. I just couldn’t stay away. After my 3rd return to eyeball it like a sweet new piece ...

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Thermaltake Dr.Power II ATX Power Supply Tester

Thermaltake Dr.Power II PSU Tester

When you are sick you call the Doctor, but what about if your PC power supply is not feeling well? You call Dr. Power II. Thermaltake has taken the task of checking your ATX power supply to a whole new level. With the Dr.Power II ...

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DropCam Wireless IP Camera


With the rapid deployment of wireless networks around the world wireless enabled devices have exploded in popularity and there isn’t much sign of slowing down. There are plenty of devices such as blu-ray players, printers, thermostats, and even our televisions can connect to the Internet wirelessly. ...

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ASUS DVD-RW DRW-24B1ST Optical Drive


When it comes time to make a optical drive purchase, most of us tend to make our choices based on pricing. Although optical drives have not changed to much over the last few years, users should still take a look at the quality of the drive and the features that ...

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NZXT Premium Cables

NZXT Premium Cables

NZXT, a recognized leader in enthusiast computing, asks the question, “Ask not what your cabling can do for you…. but what you can do for your cables!” by introducing the Premium Cable line of power supply extensions. How well do these work? Are they worth your hard ...

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