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EVGA X99 FTW K Motherboard Review


Most of EVGA’s products are no frill, hell on wheels,  performance yielding beasts. What I mean by that, is rarely do you see EVGA products with extra “features”. EVGA tends to spend more time developing how to get more performance out of their products. At …

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Gigabyte X99 Phoenix SLI Motherboard Review

X99 Phoenix SLI

  With the release of Intel’s Broadwell-E CPU, motherboard manufacturers are starting to release their refreshed X99 motherboards. Gigabyte’s G1 motherboards are geared towards gamers, and the latest addition to their stable is the X99 Phoenix SLI motherboard. This motherboard adds RGB LED lighting, U.2, …

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MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard Review


When choosing a motherboard, some users make their choice based on the extra features and overall look of the board while others choose boards based purely on speed and performance. However, the extra features and speed come at a cost; price. Over the last few …

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ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming-ITX/AC Motherboard Review


It used to be that small form factor meant you would have to trade performance for size. Over the last few generations of motherboards and CPUs that stigma is changing. The Mini-ITX or ITX is one of the smallest form factor boards you can purchase. …

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Gigabyte Z170X-UD5 Motherboard Review: All Bases Covered

Gigabyte Z170X-UD5

In fighting game circles, there is an interesting technique called “option select” which is essentially a combination of moves that guarantee the maximum possible best-case coverage depending on the scenario. While performing the exact same button or joystick combination, the result changes and switches in …

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Biostar Z170X Gaming Commander Motherboard Review: A Measure of Control


How’s this for a controversial opinion: Brand names do not matter. Let me clarify what I mean before you grab pitchforks and rally in front of my house demanding for my head. Brands only matter for those who are not knowledgeable because it serves as …

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Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 7 Review: Everything and Then Some

Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 7

As late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel recently found out, gamers simply cannot take a joke. With the fervor of millions of religious zealots, he received death threats and was an online pariah overnight because he did not understand the scale of gaming’s user base …

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MSI B150A Gaming PRO Motherboard Review: Mixing Business with Pleasure


Intel provides the B150 chipset as an entry-level business solution that will most likely be used for something boring like spreadsheets and countless hours in Farmville when the boss isn’t looking. However, mainboard manufacturer MSI has a different vision for the chipset. Seeing an opportunity …

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EVGA Z170 FTW Motherboard Review: An Overclocking Gambit


It is called a motherboard for its encompassing domesticity as a hub of function and like its biological counterpart, a motherboard is judged by her matronly efforts to maintain a stable environment and realize the potential of those she houses. This applies to motherboard expandability …

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Biostar N3150NH Mini-ITX Motherboard Review: Passive Progressive


Computers have become so ubiquitous in daily life that it is absurd to think that the very concept of having one in every household was considered a joke a mere 35-years ago. Back then, the concept of personal computing, let alone connected computing, was difficult …

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