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What is the best mouse for you. Read our reviews to help you pick the right one.

Cougar 600M Black Edition Gaming Mouse Review

Cougar 600M

In a world of multi-GPU monster rigs and quad panel set ups, often the true tools of the PC gamer are forgotten. We look past the headset, past the keyboard and look to the true weapon of the modern gamer; the mouse. In the same sense of, “What is an artist without his brush?”  we must also ask, “What is ... Read More »

GIGABYTE Force M63 Raptor Gaming Mouse Review


To win in the game you need to customize your controls for maximum speed and comfort. It is very important to feel in control of your character whether you are playing an FPS game or an RPG. If you think all of the peripherals are equal in performance, comfort or customization; you are wrong. There are numerous types and styles ... Read More »

FUNC MS-2 Gaming Mouse Review


One size fits all? This is the question the guys at FUNC were asking when they were engineering their next creation. What I will be taking a look at today is one of the newest products by FUNC: the MS-2. The FUNC MS-2 is a mid-size mouse designed specifically for gamers. From the first few looks at this mouse, it ... Read More »

CM Storm Mizar Mouse: A Shot at Greatness

CM Storm Mizar

Cooler Master has recently introduced two new gaming mice that takes ergonomic design cues from Microsoft’s classic Intellimouse Explorer and refreshes it for the modern gamer. The Alcor and the Mizar (named after twin star systems in the Ursa Major constellation) is a lot less closer to earth with their affordable MSRP but otherwise reaches for the heavens with the ... Read More »

Tt eSports Ventus Gaming Mouse Review


Are you a left handed person? Have you been browsing through the bins at The Leftorium but still haven’t found what you are looking for? Have you found that left handed crescent wrench yet? Well, I may not be able to help you with the wrench, but there is a new ambidextrous gaming mouse that I would like to show ... Read More »

Genius GX Gaming Gila Mouse Review

Genius GX Gaming Gila Mouse Review

  The problem with designing for the enthusiast gaming market is that the needs and wants of the user base are more mercurial than any other segment. Aesthetic tastes can change on a whim and new technologies are always emerging to replace something that mainstream users are only getting to know now. There is also the risk of being too ... Read More »

Thermaltake Volos Gaming Mouse

Thermaltake Volos

For years Thermaltake has been a popular manufacture of PC parts and accessories. The products included such things as CPU coolers, cases, and case fans. Over the last few years Thermaltake has taken a great interest in eSports and have launched a line of gaming accessories under the Tt eSPORT line. The esports line featured products such as keyboards, mice, ... Read More »

CM Storm Reaper Mouse from the Aluminum Gaming Series

Cooler Master Reaper Mouse

For me only two devices really connect you to your desktop PC and they are the keyboard and mouse. If either of these do not feel right or work well it can hinder your interaction and production level. Now if you are a gamer this effect can be felt two fold. Not having the comfort and reaction times you want ... Read More »

XFX ~ Warpad Review and Video for Modders~Inc.


XFX – WARPAD gaming mouse pad XFX ~ WARPAD Gamer mouse Pad Unboxing review Video: Modders-Inc. and Crisp Brand Agency team up to present to you the XFX – WARPAD. XFX is known for gaming video cards and power supplies. This Patented Gamers Warpad was first introduced at the 2013 Computex in Taipei. This is XFX’s mouse pad introduction. And ... Read More »