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We give you all the information you need about SSD, hard drives, thumb drives and other storage devices so that you can make the right choice for you.

Drobo 5N review: Protection with BeyondRAID


It is pretty easy to get lost in the vast sea of storage devices. Personal storage really picked up about 10 years ago and every since been growing at an alarming rate. I am not saying it’s a bad thing in fact, I think it’s …

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ADATA SP550 240GB SATA SSD Review: $0.25-per-GB Reality


With current storage controllers having no problem saturating the SATA interface, a different kind of race emerges; one that is unusually focused towards the bottom with an eye on delivering the lowest per GB cost. The previously reviewed ADATA SX930 with its 4-channel JMicron JMF670H …

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Plextor M7V M.2 SATA SSD Review

Plextor M7V

Flash based storage can really wake up an older PC due to it’s massive increase in speed and decrease in seek time as compared it its rotating disk counter part. As the price of flash memory continues to drop, we start to see SSD’s prices …

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Synology DiskStation DS216+ NAS Review

Synology DiskStation DS216+

The Synology DiskStation DS216+ is the newest member of Synology’s plus series. It also happens to be the cheapest of the series as well. The plus series of NAS typically features advanced multimedia and encryption features and their mid-series as the plus series sits between …

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QNAP TAS-268 Dual Bay NAS review


Network storage is becoming more and more popular with the home user. As their data needs change, so does they way in which they store their data. More and more, I see each individual family member has their own PC and rather than just share …

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ADATA XPG SX930 240GB SATA SSD Drive Review: Value Beyond Speed


Like luxury cars, sometimes components not only have to perform fast but have to look the part as well. Since ADATA is aiming for the gaming and enthusiast segment with the XPG SX930 SSD, the cosmetic change is obvious but necessary to get some heads …

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Synology DiskStation DS416j Network Attached Storage Review

Synology Diskstation DS416j

Every year we come across devices that offer numerous features on top of the traditional file sharing. A lot NAS (Network Attached Storage) manufacturers push more and more in to their devices as far as applications and features go and let’s face it, all of …

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QNAP TS-253A Network Attached Storage Review


With ability to store a large size of data comes great responsibility. Heh, sounds like a corny line from a movie doesn’t it? But it’s true. Entrusting someone with your precious data should not be taken lightly. If you are a family person then you …

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Kingston HyperX Savage 128GB USB 3.1 Gen 1 Flash Drive


Flash drives make it extremely convenient to transport and share data. With large USB 2.0 drives copying data was painstakingly slow. With USB 3.0, the transfer rate increased and so did the size of the drives. Kingston has released their 1st generation of USB 3.1 …

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Synology DiskStation DS1515+ Network Attached Storage Review

Synology DiskStation DS1515+

What is a NAS? NAS Stands for Network Attached Storage, and it is a device that resides on your network and can have multiple drives in a RAID array. The drives contain folders that can be accessed by all or a few computers on your …

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