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Water Cooling

Water cooling you PC is all the rage and it help keep the CPU cool and the sound from your computer is lowered. See what you need to take the plunge.

Silverstone Tundra TD02-E CPU Cooler Review: An Affordable, Quieter 240mm AIO Option

Silverstone TD02-E

Silverstone Technologies has made quite a career making cooling solutions for the PC DIY market. Their solutions are also quite often a unique alternative with out-of-the-box oriented ideas and far from having a “me too” design philosophy. With the all-in-one liquid cooling solution’s popularity, Silverstone …

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EKWB EK-XLC Predator 360 All-In-One CPU Liquid Cooling Unit Review


All in one water (AIO) cooling units are designed for consumers that want water cooling without the hassle of assembling a custom loop, filling, bleeding and maintenance. The AIO units offer a simple installation that is similar to an air cooler but, the cooling performance …

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Swiftech H320 X2 All-In-One Watercooling Kit Review

Swiftech H320 X2

All-in-one (AIO) water cooling units have brought the performance and silence of water cooling to the masses with the simplicity of installing an air cooler. AIOs offer simple installation without the need to bleed the loop. Simply attach the hardware and power cables and you …

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Enermax Liqmax II 120s: AIO Cooling At Its Best


When it comes to a new build I always keep cooling in mind. Not every rig I build has custom water reservoirs, custom piping or fancy radiators. Sometimes I just need a machine to work without spending an enormous amount of cash on custom parts. …

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Monsoon Modular Reservoir System (MMRS) Review


Of the all the reservoir types available in the market, the tube res has always been preferred mainly due to its large visibility and ease of installation. However, for the most part the design hadn’t changed much until a couple years ago compression style reservoirs …

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Swiftech H240-X AIO CPU Cooler Review


Swiftech is a name that most “older” overclockers and water cooling enthusiasts know from the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Back then, Swiftech was a leader in both the air cooling and water cooling market place. Thankfully, Swiftech has maneuvered it’s business to stay alive …

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EKWB EK-XLC Predator 240 All-In-One CPU Liquid Cooling Unit Review


There  are various reasons that one chooses an AIO or All-In-One CPU cooler over assembling a custom water loop. One of these reasons could be cost; typically, custom loops tend to me more expensive than an AIO. Another reason could be a technical or skill …

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Cooler Master NEPTON 120XL Review: One and Done


It is true that if you want to prolong the life of your components you should pay a close attention to cooling. Water cooling technologies have been out for a very long time but a few years back it was hard to find the right …

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Bitspower MSI GTX 970 Full Cover Waterblock Review


Manufacturers have been building factory overclocked components for a little while now. Asus, EVGA, MSI and Gigabyte all have GPUs that boast higher than reference clock speeds.With higher clock speeds, comes more heat. To deal with the extra heat, fans ramp up and more noise …

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Bitspower THOR EIX99 Full Cover Water Block for EVGA X99 Classified/FTW

Bitspower THOR EIX99

Water cooling is a great way to remove heat from PC components. There are various types of water or liquid cooling solutions available such as the popular All-in-One (AIO or Closed loop) units, DIY liquid cooling kits, as well as fully customizable water cooling loops. …

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