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Why is it so flippin difficult….

Modding and LAN parties… chocolate and peanut butterfrick and frakStarsky and HutchYin and Yang You see where I go with this? LAN parties are out there and prolific. And people who mod their computers are at these events…  So *why?* is it so flippin difficult to …

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A Pro Modder … Really?

There has been quite a bit hinted at or mentioned lately in discussions around certain modding communities about the skill levels and classes of modders. Pardon me as I climb up on to my soapbox. You know, we have a wide variety of folks who …

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What is Happening to Modding

Strangely enough it seems that lately there has been a decrease in the modding community. We see more of the same mods over and over and less new stuff. So, why is that? I have an opinion, yeah I know everyone usually does and they …

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