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Why is it so flippin difficult….

Modding and LAN parties… chocolate and peanut butterfrick and frakStarsky and HutchYin and Yang You see where I go with this? LAN parties are out there and prolific. And people who mod their computers are at these events…  So *why?* is it so flippin difficult to get a proper modding contest going and have it run fairly, at LAN parties? Over ...

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From Necessity to Obsession ….. It’s a Mod Thing!!!

Lately I have been thinking about Paul Hogan in the 1986 hit movie CROCODILE DUNDEE. In the movie MICK CROCODILE DUNDEE dismisses a mugger that pulls out a switch-blade with the now famous line, “That’s not a knife – this is a knife”, as he shows the mugger his huge Bowie style hunting knife. That’s not a Mod – This is a Mod!!  Whoa, ...

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A Pro Modder … Really?

There has been quite a bit hinted at or mentioned lately in discussions around certain modding communities about the skill levels and classes of modders. Pardon me as I climb up on to my soapbox. You know, we have a wide variety of folks who participate in our beloved hobby/obsession, with an even wider range of skill levels and resources. ...

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What is Happening to Modding

Strangely enough it seems that lately there has been a decrease in the modding community. We see more of the same mods over and over and less new stuff. So, why is that? I have an opinion, yeah I know everyone usually does and they usually stink! Here are a few of my thoughts on the subject. I think the ...

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Crysis… fandom… and the case mod

The inextricable tie between a great game and the onslaught of casemods as a tribute… Which came first… the chicken or the egg? Same situation here… Do case mods come out because of the prospect of great game or does a great game inspire great casemods? You know it happens, and with this game (Crysis)… we should just prepare for ...

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Affordable and Responsible Modding

Everyone knows that modding is not cheap. If you want to build a really good mod, you will have to use really good equipment. Now, dont get me wrong. Im not saying that mods cannot be done on the cheap. They can, absolutely. But the cards will be stacked against you if you do not have some really eye catching ...

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