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Genius Announces New Bluetooth Stereo Headphones with Premium Sound – HS-920BT


Genius Announces New Bluetooth Stereo Headphones with Premium Sound – HS-920BT Stylish new headset uses 40mm drivers and comes in 5 different colors August 19, 2014, Chino, California – Genius, a leading manufacturer of computer peripherals, is pleased to announce a new Premium Bluetooth Headset – the HS-920BT – available in 5 stylish colors and 40mm drivers for superior sound. ... Read More »

Rokit Boost Swage 2 Wireless Stereo Headphones Review

Although most of us here prefer to listen to our favorite songs using cables to get the best possible audio quality none of us can deny that using a Bluetooth wireless headset is far more convenient especially if you’re not at home. That’s just the beginning however the really difficult part begins when you go out in the market to ... Read More »

Sentey Vibros Gaming Headset


Sound. Sound influences almost everything we experience. From the sound of a gentle wind, a babbling brook or an AK-47 being fired in your direction. Sound has a lot to do with the way we react. The devices we use to listen to sounds, such as speakers, headsets, earbuds, etc. must be able to reproduce the sounds accurately. Speakers that ... Read More »

Jabra SPORT Wireless+ Stereo Bluetooth Headset

It’s a fact that Bluetooth wireless earphones are gaining ground over normal wired ones but unfortunately exactly like the majority of normal ones there aren’t that many models available in the market that can withstand the extreme requirements people who work out have. This is particularly true for runners since not only do the earphones need to stay glued on ... Read More »

Thermaltake eSPORTS Cronos Gaming Headset

Thermaltake eSports Cronos Gaming Headset

A long time ago the movie industry figured out that if they added music to a scene it they could intensify the emotions the moviegoer felt during that particular scene. To take a page from Hollywood’s play book, game designers have done the same thing. In game music can drive fear into the heart of the gamer for example if ... Read More »

TRITTON PRO+ True 5.1 Surround Headset

No matter how many times I’ve worn a headset either for regular use while at home or on the go or for test purposes i still can’t say that i like the feeling (always compared to speaker systems) but i do recognize that it’s a necessary technology with more pros than cons. However that being said with so many 5.1 ... Read More »

CM Storm Ceres 300 Gaming Headset

CM-Ceres 300 headset

Computer users come in all shapes ,sizes ,and budgets. Be it a intense FPS or just rocking out and losing track of the world around us, we all rely on audio to carry us away, and budget can greatly factor into sounds quality and comfort when it comes to headsets. Sometimes you might have to sacrifice on or the other ... Read More »

CM Storm Ceres 500 Gaming Headset Review

CM Storm Ceres 500 Headset

The ability to tune out and focus our environment is a big blessing that would otherwise drive anyone insane if we are unable to. Our brain actually sorts out all the stimuli it is receiving from the senses, sorts then prioritizes them in to our conscious perception. This happens faster than the speed of thought and whenever we engage in ... Read More »

Cooler Master Storm Pulse-R Gaming Headset

Storm Pulse-R

Cooler Master has once again brought a new style and performance to the market place. Up on the block this time is the new aluminum CM Storm Pulse-R gaming headset. With 42mm drivers pushing out the sounds with shocking clarity. It is easy stand out from the crowd with stylish white-LED lighting and customizable removable laser-etched aluminum ear plates. I ... Read More »